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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

In case anyone missed the DLC trailer that was posted by Nintendo yesterday:

It's all recycled footage, but it's nice to see a compilation of all the added DLC characters. I'm curious to see how the meta will progress now that development has ended and balance patches are supposedly done too.


A Cool, Cool Mountain
May 24, 2015
Whelp. I guess there's no more balance patches.
I guess Ganondorf will continue to remain very flawed conceptually and technically....

Oct 14, 2013
People will Play Smash Bros 4 competatively for a while but it'll never reach the heights of Melee. Also for all us non pros out there at least the vs mode is still fun. Flawed but fun.
The downside is the single player modes (apart from vs the AI in standard type brawls) is all terrible. I've literally stopped playing all the single player modes in SSB4. I just play vs friends and vs bots in the standard vs mode. There's enough fun to be had there to make all the purchases worth it.

Sakurai missed the golden opportunity to put in the same classic brawl (we all wanted) and to make all of the trophies accessable to everyone at any difficulty, just requite lots of time to get. Gating trophies behind very hard modes of totally flawed single player modes is never a good idea to do.

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