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Summer Job.


All Hail Yhtomit!
Mar 6, 2011
The Lost Woods
Hey all, I'm coming on, Possibly for the last time this spring, to say that next week I'm going to a summer camp to work for the summer. I'm going to be working at the trading post for the camp, and possibly other jobs if the opportunity comes. So I have come to say Adieu, Adiós, Good bye, Cya, ttyl, Bye and any others good byes' I can't think of. I'll come back after summer! bye Until then!

P.S, If you want to say what you're doing this summer, go ahead.:)


Infinite Dreamer
Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Have fun tecknokid! I hope you have a good time at Summer Camp and come back brimming with great stories~ ;D
We shall be awaiting your return! ^^

And erm~ I might be doing an internship at a graphic design studio.......maybe. xD


I'm the crazy chicken. ;)
Nov 16, 2010
Aboda Village
Have fun! I am doing something at a lodge this summer. It's about an hour away from my house. :P I have evenings free I think so I can come on then. Lol
Mar 29, 2011
Have Fun!!!! I did that three summers in a row at a boyscout/cubscout summer camp. Only I was one of the lifeguards, getting paid to screw around at a lake all day was AWESOME. Well had to do some work, and when we needed to be serious we were.

Now as far as this summer, I will be working at my job at the casino, then for almost three weeks in July I will be at my annual training for the National Guard which I am not looking forward to, its gonna be hot and long and gonna suck.

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