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Hyrule Warriors Still playing?


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I love the Warriors series so it was like double christmas for me when Hyrule Warriors was announced. I bought both U and 3ds version with both seasons passes and i just know theres gonna be a Switch version with another season pass....

HW can be a grind though and it can be pretty tough to grind for exp to be able to comfortably move through the adventure maps (which can be bloody hard).

With so much grinding and dlc to push through, are you still playing this game or are you done with it?


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Jul 6, 2011
I had never played a warriors game before but I had to get HW because it was Zelda. I did like the game, I thought it was better than some of the proper Zeldas and it was great seeing Midna, Zant and Ghirahim again and best of all Ganondorf with that glorious mane. Though its appeal beyond story mode was not really there for me. The gameplay is grindy and after a while very samey, and I think the monumental task of actually collecting everything in the game is one best left to people other than myself.

Plus I sold my Wii Poo so I cant play it anymore anyway.


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Dec 6, 2014
North Dakota
I'm still playing it, perfecting everything with every character is like A-ranking every level in SA2, dfficult.


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Jan 31, 2010
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I finished everything in Legends. I 100%-ed all maps (including the DLC ones) and reward maps. I only need to finish hero mode and get all Toon Zelda her badges and level up all other characters besides Volga (who is at level 255 now). I think I'm going to continue with the wiiu soon. I only need to 100% the Termina and Twilight map on that one and complete the remaining pictures for the rewards maps.


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Jun 5, 2012
Heck, yeah I'm still playing it! Why wouldn't I be? It's an awesome game that deserves hours of attention every single day and not just to achieve 100% completion.


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I still play it from time to time; but mainly in brief intervals as in doing various missions on the adventure map. There are days where I do like to play story missions as well or run the Ganon challenge.


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Jul 13, 2009
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I play on and off. I usually go months without playing at a time, and then like binge on it for like a week or so. I played recently because I hadn't played at all since any of the Legends DLC came out and since I purchased it, it's like... not playing would be pointless. Though I don't really play Legends a lot. Most of my playing recently was on the Wii U version, though I also played Legends a bit. I anticipated playing the Wii U version with my sister while she was on fall break, but we literally only played on scenario on her first night of break and never got around to playing again.
Oct 7, 2016
The game's loading as I type :P

Yeah, I play it every few days or so. I'm working through the different WiiU Adventure maps, and honestly I just like it more and more as I go. I just found another character I didn't realize I liked until I started hunting for all her Heart Pieces, which opened up a whole new mine of fun. Hooray for Impa!


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Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
holy **** I haven't played this game in forever. I liked it for a while but it just got mind-numbingly repetitive after a while.

Still super fun while it lasted, though.


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Dec 4, 2016
I played it on my o3DS, but dropped after a while since it runs much better on N3DS and the Wii U version, so I felt like I was missing out on the experience.

Thus, I'm now waiting to get either of these (or both, haha) and properly play it. It was really fun though, I liked the original characters (especially Cia :3 ) and the gameplay, hadn't played a game in the Warriors series beforehand, so it was a pretty novel experience for me.

The whole premise of all these characters fighting together was an instant "YAAASSS" with me, too.

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