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SS or Minecraft?

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I say Minecraft. Unlimited hours of play, no end to the game, even after The End. :rolleyes: Even though Minecraft is released, it has and still will receive updates in the future, constantly improving on the game. As for Skyward Sword, you'll play it, beat it, do the side quests, possibly do Hero Mode, and not play another play-through for at least another year. In the meantime, you'll probably still be playing Minecraft, so it's a better investment.


I am the wannabe Kokiri!
Oct 9, 2010
Northern Ireland
Skyward Sword.

While I feel proud completing a giant replica of my cat on a 1:1 scale in Minecraft I don't feel emotionally attached to this giant blob of black and white wool cubes. When it comes to Skyward Sword the emotional pay-off for completing objectives in that game is second to none, the tingly feeling I get when I think of the characters of Skyward Sword, the people I pulled pranks on, helped and was helped by on my month long journey to save Skyloft is amazing. I feel like Skyward Sword was a part of my life while my giant 1:1 cat is just a collection of pixels that I don't feel for.


Well i like zelda games but im just going to have to say Minecraft! i just love it i like how you build anything you want, and explore!

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