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Hyrule Warriors SPOILERS Age of Calamity Story Theories (demo)

Oct 8, 2020
The Lost Woods
Spritual Reincarnation
SPOILER WARNING: This thread contains major spoilers for the Age of Calamity demo that released yesterday. If you haven't played it yet or want to wait until the full game comes out, please read no further.

The demo for Age of Calamity came out yesterday, and as those who have played it know, the story may not be what we expected. Time travelling egg guardian, early runes and sheikah towers, Divine Beasts actually engaging in combat, etc... (did I mention TIME TRAVEL). It is clear that not everything is as it seemed, and Nintendo definitely has something up its sleeve with this game. I wanted to know what all of your theories are about the demo and where the story will go from here! Are we getting a new timeline split? Is Nintendo retconing the Great Calamity? Is this actually the timeline that leads into Breath of the Wild? Will the Champions still die?

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