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Spirit Tracks Opening Story


Blue Link
Mar 30, 2009
Zora's Domain
For some reason, this makes me think of Ganondorf returning for revenge and wreaking havoc, but of course this can't be confirmed yet, but they refer to the Demon King as THE Demon King, not A Demon King, as in the players were meant to already know of a Demon King or something.


EDIT: Dang, Adam posted it in another thread already.
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Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
This story seems very different to my original idea.
The fact that the Demon King is not Ganondorf, clears several things up.
(According to the site's guide, his name is Mallard).

But this raises many questions.
Were there people already living on new Hyrule?
Were Link and Tetra's pirates tormented by the Demon King too?

Well, I guess those questions will be answered soon enough. All we can do is wait.


Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009
Man that was so EPIC!!! it felt like I was just about to play the game lol, and then it ended. I have to say that all that spirit stuff returning to the heavens and whatnot puts me in mind of the light spirits from TP, but that cant be right. hmmm and i guess i'll have a stab at those questions you asked Tak

k im gunaa try an answer both of these at the same time. i think new hyrule has been established for a little while at least, we were told that ST takes place somewhere around 100 years ahead of PH, and notice that they never once confirmed that it was exactly 100 years? that means if you slap a decade or two on there you get another generation of people in between the two games. im willing to bet that after PH, Link and and Tetra found Land too build there new hyrule on and that also may have been when this Demon King tried to battle the good spirits of the new land. but maybe the Demon King came after PH Link and Tetra, and tried to destroy the next generation of people.

Thats when our new hero comes along, when strange things are begining to happen, and the spirits have already left for the heavens. the tracks are beginning to disappear. and i now believe after watching that Back Story that the tracks are connected to the chains that were used to imprison the Demon King I mean why els would they connect all the tracks to the tower?

wow it makes so much sense ST is looking to be one of the best DS games right now... makes me want to buy another DS cause i sold my last one. :(


Archer Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
i dont know if anyone noticed this but in the beginning the symbol that looks like the hylian crest but woth one triangle is seen in the middle of the sun then later on the tower maybe it symbolizes that some kind of sun or light god struck down the demon


Looks awesome. I can't wait for the release! It looks very good!


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
This opening cinematic actually reminds me a lot of the PH opening. Now, for starters, this one has more of a stained-glass look than a paper look, but I could be wrong. The storyline actually sounds a lot like Wind Waker opening (Hero of Time saves Hyrule, sages look 'em [Ganon] up, only to have him [Ganon] wreak havoc again.); however, I doubt this will be a lot like WW. As far as the opening cinematic goes, it looks a bit like it, though.

We can only wait less than a month. ;)

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