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Sorry I'm Late Boss...


Red as the Crimson Sun
Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
Sorry I'm late boss. While I was flying on my Fying Bisen past Skyloft, A wild Snorlax appeared and baked pancakes. The pancakes were so heavy that they caused me to crash onto Yoshi's Island, where I was put on trial for dissruting the anual Cabbage Festival. Luckily David Bowie Broke me out and threw me into a nearby portal. The portal lead to Traverse Town, where I got cought up in a game of Blitzball with Finn and Jake. They let me use their Tranceiver to call for help, but I ended up registering in the Indigo League Championship on accident. I took second place in the Championship because Spongebob had a Level 100 Muffin.


is hiding behind 7 froxie
Apr 13, 2012
Lost Woods
Sorry I'm late boss, but I got my house invaded with zombies and I had to use some plants to kill them. Not the best way to kill zombies.


Sorry im late boss, but there was a Deadliest Catch marathon from 2pm yesterday to 2pm tomorrow, and while I was watching it I was crabbing in the fish pond in your backyard… I was hoping to catch dinner, but I think the giant squid there ate all the crab a long time ago.

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