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Someone did a custom-made dungeon mod.

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Oct 18, 2011
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Yeah these dungeons mods are pretty cool. Alas, I suck at emulating. I considered downloading Cemu but all the steps to even set it up BoTW seem tedious. It had all these steps of downloading specific graphics packs and shaders. Also, I chickened out of even downloading a BotW rom because the website I was going to do it from threw it in my face that emulation isn't legal and it was like "If you choose to download this file do so using a VPN".

Long story short, no custom PC BotW dungeons for SMS, lol.
Jul 14, 2019
It'll certainly be interesting to see if they go with a more traditional dungeon style for BotW2. Whilst I like the look of some of the screenshots in the first link, seeing an SS dungeon ported in didn't bode well with me. Perhaps it was just the contrast of SS artstyle versus BotW Link that was putting me off.

Whilst I never had any particular problems with the way dungeons were handle din BotW, there is certainly a balance to hit. Having more gran dungeons featuring natural obstacles such as lava streams may well have been in contrast to their design philosophy at the time. The screenshots demonstrate however that it can work if done correctly.

I certainly wouldn't be appreciative of a full reversal to SS and TP style dungeons though. There needs to be a blend, hence my point about balance. BotW created a world that felt far more natural and flowing than any overworld previous, likewise with the style of combat and puzzle solving. I would view it as a great shame to lose this in favour of the more standard system of go here, do this, leave that way.

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