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Some General Things I Noticed...

Midna's Sister

I'm the TwilightPrincess!
Jul 23, 2012
In the Twilight Realm
I beleave that the Twili are a mix of the tribe that made majora and the gerudo. In the dungeons, the Skyward Sword Aceient Cistern, the water dungeon, is the size of about three Twilight Princess lakebed temple rooms. Bout all I can curenly say sooo....
Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA

I guess I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at with the dungeons and the Lakebed Temple. But there's been no concrete evidence as of yet to suggest the Gerudo are part of any "dark tribe," unless you want to count them as the dark tribe of Ganon's followers in the prologue of A Link to the Past (and even that's debatable). They're a mysterious desert-dwelling race of humans with a curious gender selection rate for their births, but they otherwise appear to be an ordinary people left to themselves. There's no suggestion of any cross between the tribe that used the power of Majora's Mask (which is barely elaborated on at all, even in the debut game) and the Gerudo, either. The most you have to go on is vaguely similar features between their bodies and architecture, which happens with all kinds of cultures across the entire Zelda series as a whole.

So, no, the Twili are probably not a mix of Gerudo and the dark tribe of Majora's Mask. Nintendo has never hinted at such, in or out of the games. It's probably best to drop it where it is.


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Twilis are just hylians that live in the twilight realm, I think...they could probably crossbreed if they wanted. Because other than their pale skin, dark markings, and pupil-less eyes, they look like hylians. Using Midna and Zant as reference here...the ones at the twilight palace were probably still halfway cursed.

And, the dungeons dont have anything to do with twilis. Are you including two things in one thread?
Jan 2, 2012
So, are you trying to say that the Ancient Cistern and Lakebed Temple are the same? It should be noted that they are in opposite ends of Hyrule, though.


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Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Twilis are just hylians that live in the twilight realm, I think...they could probably crossbreed if they wanted.

The Twili are their own race. Never really says where they come from though.

As for the thread, i don't get your connections between Ancient Cistern and Lakebed Temple, and the Gerudo have nothing at all to do with the Twili (other than Ganny)
However some people (including me) believe that the Twili (interlopers) are indeed the same tribe described in Majora's Mask that made and used Majora's Mask for their hexing rituals. But there's not alot of concrete evidence supporting that other than the whole ancient tribe thing, the similarities between MM and the eye on Midna's helmet, and similarities between Majora and Zant

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