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So, what exactly do you mean by Link's "reincarnation?"

Jun 21, 2016
Leeds, England.
Link is always the same individual and soul, in my opinion. His bloodline may be different, but he's always the exact same soul. People think that's the same with Zelda/Hylia and Ganondorf/Demise, but it really isn't. You see, Zelda and Ganondorf are individuals in their own right, who are only connected to Hylia and Demise, respectively. I know that sounds like a cop out, but it really isn't. What I'm saying is, Zelda and Ganondorf are connected to ancient beings/gods. They make up a part of who they are. But Link is just a guy. He never existed in any shape or form as anything other than who he is.

To sum it up. Link is always Link.
Jul 19, 2019
United States
Like the Zelda timeline, the whole Link/Zelda/Ganondorf reincarnations also drive me insane. TP Link is confirmed to be a blood descendant of OOT Link, but according to SS, should also be his reincarnation due to the "Spirit of the Hero". So is Link reincarnating himself into his grandkids??? What the ****??? And don't even get me started on Zelda with her perfect unbroken bloodline of the Goddess Hylia from THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of years back. Poor girl just HAS to keep having kids to keep fighting Ganon. And is she also reincarnating herself into her grandkids since Nintendo often treats all the Zeldas as if they're the same?
And if TP Ganondorf is OOT Ganondorf, how did he stay young while the Hero of Time kicked the bucket? Does being in the Twilight Realm stop aging LOL???
I think most of the Links ARE reincarnations of each other, but man, he must have one hell of an identity crisis.
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