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So THIS is Where Wind Waker Got It's Visual Style!


The Quiet Man
Note: If you disagree with the game looking like WW, feel free to say why. Please, know that I don't think it looks that much like it myself and I'm not straight out saying that it does. I just saw the similarities mentioned and wanted to know what people think.

I found this somewhere in another forum and thought it might be worth sharing.

It's a japanese animation called "Little Prince And Eight Headed Dragon" from 1963. If you got any thoughts, please post them, I'd like to hear (read?) what others think about it (what was taken to WW, for example?).

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Jan 19, 2011
I don't really see the similarities... Whats wrong with me?!?


The Quiet Man
Just to clear things up:

I'm not straight out saying that WW took it's style from it (sorry for the misleading title). It was just to see if people could see any similarities.

I could personally spot a few (some body parts size proportion, somewhat look-alike eyes, and all that jazz), but I wanted to know what else people could see (if they even see anything to begin with).

I will edit the main post to avoid any further issues with that.


Windfall Walker
Jun 14, 2011
I can see the similarities, but I wouldn't have thought that unless someone had mentioned it.

But I love that animation by the way; it was excellent. :)

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