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Breath of the Wild So if the game's map is this big...


Your Best Friend (rupee free)
Jan 20, 2017
A practical positive for me about the size of the map: I can let my kids play it and not really worry about them accidentally running into main parts of the story too much. My kids all love Link! And they love to play with me so I usually copy my file and let them play that copied file. But with such a big world I think they would have a lot more fun messing around with fighting camps, cutting trees, starting fires, and collection food and just fun stuff that they other Zelda's do not have. I may not have to have a copy file because it would help me out for them to collect all the things for me. But they get bored playing TP or SS because there isn't much extra for them to do besides main things...I don't know, just practical for me so I'm looking forward to it.


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