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So I Just Beat Majora's Mask


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
And I really see why it's so well-liked now. A few days ago, I got stuck in the Snow Temple and loaned it to my friend. I recently got it back, and he showed me how to get through it. (I kept thinking that knocking the pillars out was a bad idea.) So I continued on to the rest of the game, and learned a few things: first, that you don't need to beat entire dungeons to re-heal an area (just the boss), and that beavers are evil incarnate.

It's not to say that the fact that you lose any bottled items, rupees, bombs, arrows, and sidequest progress upon saving doesn't make 100% completion endlessly frustrating, but knowing that if I wanted to, I could simply go around saving everyone and still have time to blow up the moon into a rainbow of anticlimactic happiness is a huge annoyance lifted from my chest. At the same time, it becomes all the more frustrating when you run out of time to complete a sidequest and realize you forgot to play the Inverted Song of Time, and you'll have to, for example, gather a load of random items for a bunch of Gibdos all over again.

So, anyway, after the idiocy with the monkeys and the pointlessness of learning the Goron Lullaby, the epic infiltration of the Gerudo fortress, the face-off with a cavern full of sea snakes, the OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN GIBDO MAN in Ikana, the race against Keeta... it really picks up after the Snow temple. I was pleasantly surprised by the level design and quests in the second half of the game.

I hate the beavers. They suck. They suck so bad.

Also, that part where you have to kill aliens? Um. Aliens. And aliens that slowly advance on a barn and come out of nowhere and force you to restart if you so much as turn your head to look at the other one that's a second or so earlier to the "come out of nowhere and force you to restart" party. That was annoying, and the rewards are kind of redundant if you're not trying to kill Twinmold with light arrows.
And also there was the stone tower- not the temple (I loved the Stone Tower Temple- it had this real sense of being a place, not a dungeon, that other dungeons lacked, and the flipping mechanic was awesome, and the lack of claustrophobia was refreshing), but the big tower that you have to climb up by using the Elegy of Emptiness over and over. Not once, but twice, I finished playing it as Mikau only to get hit in the small of the back by a party- I mean, fire Keese, which instantly forced me to restart the climb. And it wasn't even that clever- it was just "weigh down all the switches you see, and sometimes use hookshot". The Elegy of Emptiness should have been an item, not an Ocarina song.
Also, fairies. Stray fairies. They were an okay idea, but there were WAY TOO MANY OF THEM. I mean, the twenty in the Stone Tower Temple? Going in, and out, and in, and out, and in, and out, and everywhere because they always spawned on the ceiling to serve as hookshot points. JUST SPAWN ACTUAL TARGETS, GUYS. Eugh. That was an ordeal. (On another note, Giant Mask Link should have been able to grab magic jars without shrinking, but whatever.)

Did I mention that I REALLY HATE BEAVERS yet? Yes? Okay, good.

Finally, the final boss. The mask. It started out really dramatic- he's hovering in midair, invincible, dishing out tricky-to-dodge spinning attacks, and after you boomerang and slash enough the boss masks join the fun in order to kill you- but then you notice his spinning attack does no damage, and you lose all sense of caution. And then, when that's over, he grows arms and legs and... dances around the room like an idiot, not attacking you at all. I tried and couldn't find a way to take damage during this part, short of my bombs and Blast Mask. I mean, what? Why even bother with this? Finally, he gets an intimidating head and whip-arms, and you think things are going to heat up... and then Tatl tells you to shoot him, and it turns out shooting him with a regular arrow at any distance stuns him enough to just wail on him until he dies. And then, this big antagonist explodes, taking the moon with him. From a kid hitting him with a sword a bunch. Um.

So yeah. Majora's Mask. It was fun, but there were some really bafflingly stupid decisions for the sidequests sometimes. Yeek.


Sage of Tales
I've only done a full play-through once, played a little way through a second time...

I have yet to even bother with the beavers. I tried the race a couple of times, got frustrated, and decided "I have enough bottles, I don't need this one."

What got me hopping-mad on my first play-through was the darn gold dust and the schedule for getting your sword gilded. I finally won the Goron Race after many tries and sore, sore thumbs only to have the dude at the forge say he couldn't do my sword because of the carnival... went back in time figuring "I have the gold dust now, I'll just go back to him" to find out the gold dust GOES AWAY when you do that. I had to sore-up my thumbs on that stupid race all over again. Having an upgraded sword is worth an annoying sidequest, bottles, however... there's 6 total in MM, so if I get only 4 or 5, I'm good. Beavers can go get made into hats.


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
Wow, I never had a problem with those beavers actually. I had fun beating them easily all the time and seeing them grovel at my greatness was always a sweet victory.

I do admit that I dislike the Stone Tower section because of that horrendously redundant puzzle. Seriously, change your mask, then you play the song, rinse and repeat. It is freaking annoying.

The Aliens, when I first faced them, gave me the most horrible time of my playthrough because I had to witness Romani getting kidnapped and then brainwashed. That was very traumatizing for a little boy you know? I was too frightened to do it again for a long time. Then I had the courage to try one more time, but I was smarter then so I played the Song of Inverted Time and although it is a very slow process, I beat the aliens and saved the ranch. Only recently have I done it on normal time and it's not that bad when you have a good amount of arrows in your bow.

Majora was very easy for me so I decided to spice up the fight by doing over-exaggerated jumps to seem like as if I was trying. I also used the hardest methods for killing her and it was actually kinda fun.

The fairies are easy to find if you have the fairy mask, so I didn't mind them.


The Mask Salesman
Apr 18, 2010
Happy Mask Shop
Great game though eh? There are some annoyances though. The final battle definitely being one of them. I was soooo nervous to fight Majora's Mask, but it was so easy. Talk about an epic game ending on way too easy of a note.
Anyway. Yeah, the beavers are really annoying, but after a couple times they're not too bad. The sidequests were near impossible without a guide I always thought.
I'm interested in what you thought of the Great Bay Temple. Personally I enjoy it a lot, but a lot of people hate it. The Stone Tower Temple's fairies definitely stunk though.
I also agree with what you said about post-Snowhead Temple. The game got a ton better after that. It opened up new things for sidequests as well as the fact that the main storyline stuff got more interesting with Great Bay and Ikana Valley.

@lex MM

The Lurker
Apr 29, 2010
Behind you...
Well, Majora's Mask was a great game. All these side-quests...I've beaten the game 3 or 4 times and I still haven't completed all the quests! Now, about the final boss...it wasn't so diffuicult. I had some cheats on, like "infinite arrows" or something, but...I agree with you, the part with the aliens was REALLY annoying(it's one of the quests I haven't completed!)but the Beavers? You could just avoid them.They are only in Great Bay.Finally, I want to add something to your post:the ocarina songs. I forget them all the time , I don't remember the notes!


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I simply adore this game, but there arre parts that I loathe still. I agree with the Beavers. My first run though (currently on my second. :P) I tried like 50 times, but I couldn't beat them. Then my friend showed me how to beat them (I had no idea you could hold down A to swim faster!). And the aliens. That's what I'm attempting to do now in the game. I have yet to beat them, and I'm absolutely terrified. I've never even bothered with all the Fairies. I just cba with them.
It's funny though, because my favourite part of the game is before the Snowhead Temple. After that is when I get frusturated. :P Especially the last two temples. I hate them.I think I found STT to be easier on my first run through. I mean, who gets stuck in the same room for like half a year (well, besides me)?
And Majora, the one time I faced it I had the Fierce Deity Mask on, so it was easy. Without it, I don't know how I'd find it.


I'm an assassin.... sshhh
Mar 13, 2010
The shadows
i actually beat the race for the bottle, but THAT PEICE OF HEART RACE...DONT GET ME STARTED!!!! but i beat the game with everything (yes everything) maxed, qivers, bottles, bomb bags, items, fairies, swords, masks, magic meter, the only thing i didn't do was the 20th heart and i know the exact peices i was missing (bever brother race 2nd, shooting gallery perfect, 2nd shooting gallery perfect, and deku playground)

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