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Snow: Yay or Nay?

Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
"So are you with me, yea or nay?"
"Which one means yes?"

With my time limited and so many replies on this thread, I'm not going to read over them right now, so I'll just post my opinion.

I'm perfectly alright with no snow. I dream of green Christmases. When you're young, snow is fun. It means snowball fights, snowmen, hot chocolate, snow angels, sledding, and the promise of Christmas. When you get older, it means scraping ice off the car, shoveling snow out of the driveway, feeling your heart stop as the car in front of you skids off the highway (my sister actually saw that happen), feeling your heart beat too fast when you have to be at work soon and the car won't start, and increased chances of falling and getting hurt. Beyond that, snow only appears when it's cold, and I hate the cold.

That's not to say I hate snow. Ironically, the cold is somehow more bearable with snow, and it's pretty to look at. I just don't like all the other things it brings. Too much of a hassle when you compare it to the relatively safer spring, summer, and even fall. They all have their dangers and annoyances, but these things are everywhere in winter.


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Oct 23, 2012
I like to look at the snow, but now, since I have to walk a mile to take a train to work, I really prefer if there isn't any.

But, yeah. I agree that snow is great for kids, but for adults it's just a pain and an inconvenience.

Hsien Ko

Thread murderer
Dec 12, 2012
Yay and nay. Snow is quite different from snow so I find it really amusing, plus you can snowball fights and fight everyone that you see. I remember the first time I saw snow I sorta wished that I made a snowman. Bad side that snow doesn't really mix well with me, I get sick if I touch something really cold.


Jul 1, 2012
Depends if its like that slushy, disgusting grey snow or snow thats basically 100% Ice then NO! But if its the nice white snow then Yeah why not?


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Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
I LOVE snow:D! & not because my avy is a Glaceon (at the time of this post)
I adore the snow, even if it is cold. That's the only exclusive, limited time offer kind of thing nature gives! I remember playing in the snow & making snow angels & sliding down a slide near my house. Since I had a huge playground literally behind my house when I was younger, I was truly walking in a winter wonderland! We had snow ball fights that lasted until ALL of the snow was picked up or melted. Oh, & the snow men were so silly! I made one, gave it a bubble pipe, then tried to lite it for him!:lol: Despite how much I love snow, I haven't been able to play in it for 2 year! I would LOVE to have a white Christmas! And I haven't got any snow yet this winter either. I wish snow would come & stick to the ground before it gets too warm.

Of course, my opinion may or may not change when I stop having snow days & start driving in the snow.
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May 10, 2012
I don't like cold weather AT ALL, but if it has to be cold you might as well have some snow for fun. I want it 60-100 degrees year round. No lower, no higher ;p
Jan 11, 2013
I'm a big naysayer on the snow thing. I hate it. It's wet, it's cold, and extremely inconvenient. Though, I will admit that there is a certain beauty to a field that has been covered by snow and untouched by humans.


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Oct 7, 2012
Well, it's January and its 50-60º. No snow. I don't think we're getting some here, but I like it


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May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Well I like snow, although I've not seen it for years. Central California doesn't get much snow, just rain and the occasional 20 degree overnight freeze that just makes it a pain to turn your car on :dry:

Although my dad grew up in the mountains, he HATES snow because it was such a pain.

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