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Smiley Stories

Midna's Sister

I'm the TwilightPrincess!
Jul 23, 2012
In the Twilight Realm
Hi! This is Midna's Sister, also known as Midny, Midna, MidSis, or Sissy. So, I had an idea: what if we used the smilies to partway tell a story? Still using words, but instead of certain words, it would be replaced with a smiley. For example: Link layed a :bomb: to finish off the pair of :stalfos: and :chu:.

Well? Would anyone like to do it? In any light, I would like to share my story:

Link crept along the stony path, until he came to a rise, one with a big, black bolder. He only had one :bomb: left, so he wouldn't waste it! After laying the :bomb:, he stepped back and held up his :shield:. The :bomb: exploded, revealing a sloped passageway. Face stretched in a grin, he walked down into the dark, underground passage.

He jumped in surprise as he saw several :keese: flying at him. A quick slash of the :sword: did them in. :eek:ctorok:s and :tektite:s were down here too. Link absultly, officially, hated the dark. It scared him. It may sound very childish, but the dark caves and night approching made him :(!

When he saw :tektite:s, :eek:ctorok:s, :keese:, and :stalfos: coming at him, his blue eyes closed and the world faded to black.
Jun 20, 2011
Should I continue the story or start a new one? I guess I will start a new one...
:)used his :sword: to attack a :cucco:. He hit it over nine thousand times before it transformed into :zelda:. As :zelda: was rebuking :(for attacking an innocent :cucco:, :ganondorf: cast a spell on :zelda: and :(, turning :zelda: into a :fairy:. Luckily, :) deflected the spell with his :shield: and quickly used his :bow: to counter :ganondorf:'s spell with silver arrows. He used his only empty :bottle:, which previously held :chu: jelly, to catch :zelda: the :fairy:. As :fairy::zelda: struggled against the :bottle:, :ganondorf: recovered and caused :eek:ctorok:s, :tektite:s, :chu:, :stalfos:, :keese:, and a :dog: to appear and attack :(. It took all 99 of :('s :bomb:s, all 99 of Link's arrows, a few tosses of Link's :boomerang:, a random song on Link's :eek:carina:, a beam from the :mastersword: and his only :fairy: in a :bottle: to fight off this hoard of monsters, but in the end :) got a <3. Unfortunately, nobody knows what happened to :zelda: and :ganondorf: was able to claim the whole :triforce: and doom Hyrule and its :deku:s, :zora:, :goron:s and :cat:s.
The end.

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