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I seem to be one of the few who's not a fan of Piranha Plant. I think he's about limiting the option movements of your opponent with his B and side B. They're good for getting your opponents to shield or jump at the ledge, respectively. But I don't see anything special about the plant otherwise.


Mischievous Minx
Aug 26, 2017
Garden of Shadows
Every online match I've been in has had a Plant in it, but they've all been experimenting with it and got ko'd pretty easy! I got a digital version of the game though, so I can't have Plant yet... :(
I dont like Piranha Plant. I dont like how his jump has so little forward momentum and his down special is crap. It feels really clunky to use with having to tip the pot.

I do like his running animation, i like that his tongue hangs out.
Oooh, i'm not into stage building but it is very nice to be able to download what others have made.

Joker's stage looks better than i thought it would too.

Wow, that was an unexpected drop just like that. Guess we aren't getting a Direct until E3 after all.

We still could and it could end wirh a reveal for the next character which may then see at e3.

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Oct 6, 2016
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I think that Joker looks like a lot of fun. I haven't played P5 but have watched a lot of gameplay and am really excited for it. my favorite part of joker is the victory intro and how it's just like the victory animation in P5. also the stage looks sick and I love how it changes colors depending on the song!

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