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Smash Bros Brawl: Were the Final Smashes Implemented Well?

One thing i hear about Smash Bros Brawl is the hate that the Smash Balls and Final Smashes get. No one really seems to have a problem with the Final Smashes themselves, its more so to do with the 'shoving session' that Smash Balls bring before a lucky player breaks it. Arguments against them have ranged and the most popular that i have heard seems to be 'it stops the fighting' i'm assuming because everyone just goes for them.

So, how well do you think the Final Smashes and their acquiring via Smash Balls was implemented?
Do you think it was a good way to use them?
Should there have been a 'fair gain' mechanic like filling up a bar/ scoring enough KOs?


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May 26, 2010
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A random item spawning which then becomes an instant bumrush to see who can get to it first? No. The Final Smash concept was implemented poorly, in my opinion. Now, I hate PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for being a fail-clone of SSB, but they did the "uber special moves" thing correctly: by having a visible meter that you build up in some shape or fashion. I never want to see some random item spawning for a super-move ever again - that isn't how special attacks should work, in my opinion.
I am opposed to final smashes and ultra moves in fighting games in general. While there is some skill required in hitting your opponent with these moves, they make for a quicker, more streamlined battle experience.

The first two Smash Bros. games resonate with me because they're very balanced. No item battle in the N64 original and Melee are the essence of fighting games-no luck, pure skill.
Nov 25, 2012
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I was fine with smash balls. When I wanted a more hardcore round, I'd just turn off all the items. On more casual rounds they were fun to chase after. Plus one of my biggest Brawl hypes before it was released were all the different final smashes, they just looked so kewl.


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Jul 12, 2010
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I feel like there is no reason Final Smashes shouldn't return in SSB4, as they are a fun change in battle if you're playing casually. I just think that for SSB4, they should balance the Final Smashes more. For example, Sonic's final smash is extremely good, while Ice Climber's final smash is extremely bad. They don't need to modify all final smashes, but they should change some to make a better balance. So in all, they were implemented alright, but they could certainly do better.


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Feb 8, 2011
Doesn't really matter to me. I absolutely loved the Final Smashes when they were first introduced and would utilize them as often as I could. My friends and I would race toward one, trying to knock each other out of the way simultaneously, and then unleash them on the loser. They were and are extremely fun to me. But after some time I got tired of them, because it began to drain the excitement out of the fights. Plus I would get really aggravated when the character who I dread most―Captain Olimar or Snake, for example―would get a Final Smash all the time. So now each time I play, I make sure that they're turned off unless someone else is with me.

Additionally, I'm not outright opposed to Smash Balls, but I'm really hoping that they don't become so overpowered in Super Smash Bros Universe. Better to make it deal a lot of damage than insta-kill someone when they're already low on HP [looking at you, Captain Falcon].

For example, Sonic's final smash is extremely good, while Ice Climber's final smash is extremely bad.

I felt opposite about these. For me, Sonic's Final Smash was good, but difficult to control, whereas the Ice Climber's mountain would protrude through over half of the stage [depending on its size] a good deal of the time. The latter thereby felt cheap at times, because even going near the frozen obstruction would earn my character damage.


Jan 10, 2011
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Yeah, they were. They could have some better functionality (such as having to EARN them like in Battle Royale, just they aren't the only way to win (lol dumb mechanic)), but there's nothing wrong with the mechanic nonetheless. As I've said before, with the exception of the tripping, Brawl is a flawless game (even then, the tripping is a minor issue). Not PERFECT, of course, but (aside from the tripping) there aren't any design flaws in the game mechanics. Naturally that means the Final Smashes were executed well.


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Oct 28, 2012
Meter...item...I don't care. But what bugged me is that one person could do the most damage, but whoever has the last hit got it. Either it should have separate damage counters for each person or whoever is the first person to touch it receives the smash ball.


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Jun 15, 2010
The Smash Ball/Final Smash system in Brawl is excellent. I don't really have much to say. It works great. Item spawns, get the item, use the item. I don't know why it gets so much hate. :/ It's just like any other. It turns around a match as much as a Home-Run Bat or Dragoon does. Nobody seems to complain about those...

Besides, if I have items on, it means I'm playing casual. By playing casual, I don't care about the outcome of the match. Throw anything into the game and results are rib-crushingly hilarious.

In terms of what to change of the Final Smash, I don't have any recommendations outside of buffing/nerfing where it's needed and luigifying semi-clones.

All items in the game are cool. Brawl's item set is certainly better than Melees. No stupid Red Shell, Parasol, Barrel Cannon or Cloaking Device. Replaced the crappy Flipper with the classic Bumper. Improved the Screw Attack item. Although the Fire Flower, Fan and Ray Gun still need to be nerfed from what we have.

BTW guys.
Super Sonic - overpowered
Iceberg - underwhelming
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