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Skyward Sword's Controls Are NOT Perfect

Feb 23, 2011
Keep in mind that I didn't read through the other posts in this thread, so I dunno if this was mention already.

I think a huge part of it is not only how the [motion] controls are implemented or set up, but the player him/herself. The skill level of the player and his/her familiarity with said controls play a huge role as well. Skyward Sword's motion control scheme posed a steep learning curve for some, as it was a huge leap from Twilight Princess [a port title] whose controls have been described as " tacked on" and "far below the Wii's full potential." Beyond that, there are many other players who've had no prior experience with motion controls before SS.

I myself didn't find the controls to be perfect, but they're close, in my opinion. :/


I found the Skyward Sword controls great, but not perfect. No controls are perfect. These controls are very good but i don't think nintendo shouldn't stick with motion controls.


Worship the Strangeness
Aug 30, 2011
The controls depwnd on the battery and location of sensorbar. Try fixing those first.


Well to me i actually liked the controls, sure they weren't what we expected, but there still awesome.:)


"Skyward Sword's Controls Are NOT Perfect..."
But they're pretty damn close.:cool:

There were a few problem areas (lookin' at you Lumpy Pumpkin), but outside of those there weren't that many problem areas for me.

I am actually glad they may be using the motion controls for the next console Zelda game.

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