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Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess? Or Skyward Sword?

  • Skyward Sword

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  • Twilight Princess.

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For me, this is a tough one. On one had, I love the art style and gameplay of TP. But, on the other hand, I love the story and gameplay of Skyward Sword. I think, although it is very close, I prefer Skyward Sword. I love how the controls were and also the temples, I thought that going to Skyview temple twice was quite ingenious actually, you don`t see that very often. Going to a previous dungeon for another purpose. It was really cool, also, I like a lot of the characters.

Twilight Princess wasn't meant to feel all warm and fuzzy. The art style, cold and realistic as it was, really accentuated the helpless nature of a lot of the parts of the game. If it had used a art style like Skyward Sword, I feel some of that feeling would have been lost. It seems like the game was meant to be dark.


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May 26, 2010
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Upon initial release, I thought Skyward Sword to have removed all of Twilight Princess' flaws...but, after further examination, all or most of them are still there.

<my perspective>

- Overworld is bland as ever. To make matters worse, the Sky is a joke.
- Combat is decent, but enemy AI is lackluster.
- Dungeons are easy. Y'know, the definition of a dungeon is "a strong, dark prison or cell, usually underground, as in a medieval castle." ("Dungeon - Define Dungeon") Dungeon | Define Dungeon at Dictionary.com
Unfortunately everything in SS is easy.
- Bosses are cakewalks.
- Items, while infinitely more useful than TP's, are still...useless? in a sorta way. Too few items, I suppose, whereas TP had too many.
- Oh, virtual lack of puzzles.
- Craptastic "guide"
- Story was terribad
- Final Boss was improperly introduced
- Recurring villain is shaped up to be a badass when in fact he is a pawn [difference between SS and TP is that we KNOW Ghirahim is a pawn right from the very beginning, whereas in TP we dunno a single thing about Zant, his whereabouts, where he came from...]

The only thing that SS had going for it was 1:1 swordplay which was lackluster due to every enemy in the game having their brain somewhat ingratiated to the Master Sword. WHICH of course doesn't even make sense. TP had hidden skills which is, more or less, equal to SS' swordplay.

So the two games are about equal. SS was bright, TP was dark. Same flaws, for the most part, and same lack of Zelda game in my opinion. Zelda games they are no doubt, but they aren't at the height of the series. They're not even close to Zelda II for that matter.

</my perspective>

Twilight Princess beats out SS. On a tier list, I'd place TP on D- tier and SS on E+ tier.
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Skyward Sword...

Even though I liked Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword was fun, and a big adventure. Going through time, going below the clouds, saving your best friend, all in one game!


This is hard to choose between....
but i would say skyward sword. Twilight princess is a great game its one of my favorite but some temples got annoying at times. skyward on the other hand had amazing temples but i wished their was more weapons. :yes:


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Mar 8, 2012
Skyward Sword is better by many reasons. Twilight Princess vs Skyward sword is a good poll choice though. Both games are very big, but Skyward Sword gave me nostalgia. Twilight Princess gave me nightmares. (JK)
Apr 10, 2012
Skyward Sword. Part of the reason is that SS was my first zelda game and the others haven't really gave me that magic that SS gave. Plus, it's sort of hard to get into another Zelda game when you are adjusted to running. It's sort of irratating. But TP was a fun game.
Apr 8, 2012
I think SS mainly because i enjoyed the dungeons way more. The plot was way more emotional and it had great movements for link.
May 2, 2012
I happen to own both of these games, and really for me it's hard to tell. Both games had dungeons with fun, yet tricky puzzles, which I enjoyed. The realism of TP is quite staggering, and the skyward sword graphics, being on more of the windwaker side, I was disappointed a very small bit because of that, but still why would I complain about graphics, when the game itself is so fun.


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Nov 10, 2011
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I know the poll has closed, but these two have constantly been battling and switching spots in my top 5, so this is more so for me to make decision.

The categories i will do are : plot, music, dungeons, bosses, overworld, items, replay value, characters, encouragement to play, atmosphere

Twilight Princess
Plot: A-
Music: B
Dungeons: C
Bosses: A+
Overworld: A
Items: A
Replay Value: A-
Characters: B+
Encouragement: B
Atmosphere: B


Skyward Sword
Plot: A+
Music: A
Dungeons: A-
Bosses: B+
Overworld: D+
Items: A-
Replay Value: B
Characters: A
Encouragement: B-
Atmosphere: A+


WOW. Well I actually did out math and averaged out the games having A+s be 97 As be 95 and A-s be 92s (and so on for the rest of the grades), And i literally got 88.8% for TP and 88.9% for SS. This is far too close for me to base which is better on .1 percent.............

So i'm going to say Twilight Princess.
The reason I say this is simply because it felt more like a Zelda game therefore I enjoyed it more. I guess if I had to judge what was a better videogame, SS would win. Better Zelda game, TP. While I was playing Skyward Sword, I had to constantly remind myself I was playing a Zelda game. I enjoy Twilight Princess more.


I loved Twilight Princess! The story in it was rather great. And the graphics were awesome as well. Honestly I loved Twilight Princess a whole lot more than Skyward Sword
Apr 8, 2012
Skyward Sword was better, much more original boss battles and dungeon. In Twilight Princess you have to use your item that you get in that specific dungeon to beat the boss, in Skyward Sword not. You have to use your Loftwing to defeat Levias and only your sword for Ghirahim, Bilocyte and Demise, but I have to say the whole final boss battle against Ganondorf was the best final boss in Zelda History.

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