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Skyward Sword Vs. Ocarina of Time

May 18, 2012
Rio de Janeiro
I don't get the whole rant about Ocarina of Time's story. Sure, it's a very simple story but that's because it's a fairy tale. Those are usually simple stories about good and evil. Simplicity does not translate necessarily to "bad".

Ocarina of Time has a simple story about simple people involved in great things. It's about a child who becomes the hero of time. You watch this child become an adult and you see the world through his eyes. You grow up with him. It is the ultimate fantasy of everyone who was ever a kid: to be a hero and save the world. I think that's a beautiful story and very effective storytelling. It could be bad but it isn't because the storytelling is very effective. The scene when Link meets Zelda, the scene when Link sees Zelda being captured by Ganondorf, the first time Link goes to the Temple of Time and becomes an adult, etc. Those are some of the most memorable moments in videogame history. Also, some people seem to forget that YOU are part of the story, as you play. When you go to a dungeon, that's part of the story. When you have to avoid the guards and infiltrate the castle, that's part of the story. People forget that and only pay attention to the "plot". Plots and stories are different things. Story is a much bigger thing.

Now with the whole "cinematic" thing going on, it seems like every story needs to have multiple plot twists and a "dark" feel to it and things like that in order to be considered "good" or "deep". I'll take effective simplicity over uneffective complexity anytime.

As you can probably see, I like Ocarina of Time better than Skyward Sword. I also happen to like Majora's Mask better than Skyward Sword. Those are the 3 best games of the series in my opinion.
Dec 23, 2011
I like both equally they are both amazing it's hard to say because SS is great but OOT is great also but it has a special place in my heart....


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
I've answered this way too many times, but I see no harm in summarizing my thoughts again.

Okay, first off, understand that I considered Ocarina of Time to be the greatest game ever made for 12 years. It was my first Zelda game back in '99. Nice game for a little 7-year old. Very nice, in fact. This is probably the game with the most nostalgia for me ever. But I say Skyward Sword. Why? Simple. It beats OoT in almost every way possible. The gameplay is vastly superior, the combat is involving, the overworld provides a constant sense of action with its puzzles rather than a slightly barren countryside, the story is the and most in-depth and emotional one the series has ever had, and the music is hands down the most impressive in the series. OoT is most certainly the second-best imo, but SS beats it by a long shot without question.

Wind Waker

It's a hard choice, and I won't list the pros and cons-that's already been done. I think they are each better in some areas than others. For instance, in SS the story was amazing and tied into the history of Hyrule. It told the origin of the Master Sword, and kinda where Ganondorf came from. In OoT, the story is still good, yes, but not as deep as SS. But, in OoT, the dungeons were large and complex, except for the first three. The puzzles were hard to figure out, while SS the puzzles were relatively easy (Except for the floating island one. I hated that one!). And the SS dungeons were not as large as OoT. But, for my overall choice...Skyward Sword would win out. The motion controls were smooth and some cool new items were introduced, like the Beetle and the Whip. The enemies were new also, and hard to defeat-it required a lot of skill. My favorite thing about Skyward Sword would be the story. I'm just a freak for amazing story, and SS hit that mark. Ocarina of Time is a good game, and close , but Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda game. Oh yes...and the music. I just loved the Skyward Sword music!
Apr 27, 2012
despite the 10+ gap between skyward sword and ocarina of time, i find ocarina of time far superior. it gave zelda such a high standard to keep up with. it's the game that started it all, and i guess since it brought forth so much technical stuff into the video game industry (ie teleportation and z-locking) people find that game to be far more creative and original than skyward sword.
Jul 25, 2011
In the US
I say Skyward Sword.

I found OoT not as great as everyone said it was. I did not care for the story, the music was okay, I didn't care for the side quests, I didn't care for any of the characters, the overworld was empty, I did not care for the designs for the dungeons and temples. I did not enjoy playing the game and it felt boring to play it. The only character that, I thought, really helped was Shiek. The only things I like about OoT is Epona, as you make progress the bosses do more than one heart of damage and the ocarina of time songs.

I didn't like the save system since I wanted to start were I left off and not have to travel were I was before and I like the SS save system better since I could start were I left off.

I like SS I know it has flaws so does any game. I did not like how Fi told you what you already know, collecting bugs ect and it telling you what they are, not alot of enemies in the sky. The reasons I like it is that it is the first Zelda game since MM that I had fun playing. It was the first Zelda game that I cared about Link and Zelda and wanted Link to succeed, I really liked the story, I like the side quests and I like the designs for the dungeons and the bosses, I also like the music.

Both are good games and both have flaws. I like the graphics of both games and the controls are good. But when it comes to gameplay I have to say Skyward Sword since the game is very fun and I like the motion controls.

I wish they were harder and the difficultly raised as you progress through the game, had monsters and bosses that are challenging, the dungeons and temples were more challenging and do any temple or dungeon in any order you want.

I don't see why every Zelda game needs to be compared to OoT. I found OoT not really creative and not the best Zelda game or best game ever. After I finished it no part of it stuck out to me as great or amazing. You could do some of the temples out of order but it still felt linear. I wish they would do what they did in A Link to the Past the order you could do a dungeon.

But I still think OoT is a good game.
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May 21, 2012
The Netherlands
For me definitely Skyward Sword. It looks gorgeous, the story is attractive, the characters are lovable and it let's you do so many different things!
Ocarina of Time is of course still great, but when playing both games now, I would be more content with Skyward Sword.
Jun 11, 2012
This is a no brainier LoZ Skyward Sword is the best in my opinion simply because I could never get into OoT. It just wasn't enjoyable which is why I could never play through it. I also don't understand what the big deal with OoT its like every new game has to be compared to it for some reson them deemed unworthy of being called a good/better game than OoT because its either to simular or to different from OoT. I mean do you guys seriously want a whole series of OoT games? That would be soo boring.
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May 3, 2012
I think it is hard for any fan who wasn't around when OoT came out to really appreciate it. Yes, if you look at features, gameplay, etc. the newer games will be better. When OoT launched it was huge, the world was so immersive and the gameplay was revolutionary at the time.

So if I were to pick, I would give the slight slight edge to OoT, just because it broke into a whole new dimension and revolutionized it's era.

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