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Skyward Sword V Skyrim

Skyrim V Skyward Sword

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Mr Fish

now before any of you elder scroll fans tell me that this thread is very biased in would like to say something. skyrim fans have been very vocal about this debate and Zelda side of the argument has not been heard very well. There are two main reasons that show that skyward sword is the better of the two.

Firstly, IGN gave skyrim a rating of 9.5 a feet worthy of recognition as skyrim is a very good game. however skyward sword was rated a magnificent 10/10 and was given titles such as "the best game in ten years", "the best of the wii" and "the best Zelda game". people viewing this will know how many expectation there are to live up to when your called the best Zelda game.

Secondly, the innovation that skyward sword has brought to the series, seriously out weighs what innovation skyrim brought to Elder Scrolls. 1:1 combat has and will be one of the most revolutionary systems brought to the series and the gaming world. just as z targeting in Oot changed the series on a huge scale the ability to have link do your exact movements have brought a better experience ,not to mention a much higher difficulty while battling AI, to the series.

Please post your thought but also feel free to disagree.:D
Dec 19, 2011
I've played both games so far and both are really great games. Skyrim was really fun to watch and play, but I always get lost on ElderScroll games. Skyward Sword was for me a great balance for a new Zelda game and it was just awesome. Not saying Skyrim wasn't either I'd jsut prefer to play a Zelda game over a giant sandbox game.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Honestly, it's almost impossible to say which is better. The two are both so amazingly innovative and packed with content that they pretty much tie in my opinion. If I absolutely had to choose, I guess I'd say Skyward Sword, but I don't think I can change my mind that they're basically equals.

Links Brother

I am Links older Brother!
Jul 12, 2011
It is hard to say. With most games I would say Zelda all the way but Skyrim was an amazing game. To answer this poll I made a review of both and this is what I got.
Skyward Sword
Gameplay- 10/10
Story- 9/10


So Skyward Sword won by one point. I loved Skyrim but I grew up with The Legend of Zelda and Skyward Sword is to were my vote goes.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Based off of Metacritic score, Skyrim wins with a 96/100 vs Skyward Sword's 93/100. I personally like the combat in SS more than Skyrim, in Skyrim combat feels dull and boring whereas in SS it's alive...


Definitely vote Skyrim now. SS is too limiting.
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i havent played either game but just cuz i like zelda and ive seen gameplay from skyward i vote skyward sword

Agent B

The King of Hyrule
Dec 19, 2011
Lost Woods
I love skyward sword more than skyrim but i still think posting this poll on a zelda based website is completely biased
Dec 19, 2011
Vermont, USA
My co-workers tell me Skyrim is amazing, and I believe them. I've only played Skyward Sword, so I can't say which is better.
I'm getting my boyfriend Skyrim for Christmas, so I guess he'll tell me how it is.


van der Nguyen
Nov 21, 2011
I wouldn't say I love SS more, just because in Skyrim you can perform thievery.
Jul 25, 2011
In the US
I like both games. But I had more fun playing SS than I did playing Skyrim. I say both are equal and very good games but I like Skyward Sword more.
Dec 10, 2011
Comparing Skyrim to SS is like comparing apples to orange two complete different experiences because of the fact ones an action RPG and the other is adventure game. We might as well compare Resident Evil to Devil Mat Cry.


I was afraid to press the 'both are equally good' button, fearing I was the only one. Apparantly not :)
Both are good in their own way and comparing seems kind of pointless to me. One's an RPG, the other an action-adventure game.

I have to say though, Skyrim is one heck of a game, I love it a lot, and at the moment it's juggling between finding time for Skyrim as well as Skyward Sword. That's probably the main reason why I haven't completed SS yet.

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