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Zelda Art Skyward Sword-Themed Shirt

Dec 22, 2011
I hope this is okay to share here, and if it's not I'm sorry (I'm very new to these forums). I made a Skyward Sword-themed shirt on Zazzle and wanted to share it with a community that would probably appreciate/understand it.

EDIT: Sorry. I just came across the rule that said I shouldn't be posting something like this. May I just post a picture of the shirt?
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Oct 14, 2011
as long as you aren't trying to sell them, you're just telling/showing us something you've made, i'd have though it would be OK


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May 26, 2010
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I really do like the design, though is it possible for you to get a design onto the back as well? I know if you were to ship these out, then a design on front AND back would cost more than jsut the front or just the back, but as far as pics go...something so simple such as "Shh! It's a secret to everybody" would make for a lot of appreciation!

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