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Skyward Sword: The Worst 3D Zelda Title

Jul 25, 2011
In the US
If I had to pick which one I thought wasn't really good I don't think anyone would like my choice.

I felt SS did things better than other 3D Zelda games. The boss fights were funner, the music was okay, the story was great and I think the gameplay was good.

I am not jumping on the band wagon of SS it is that I like SS more than the other 3D Zelda games.
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Dec 29, 2011
No way >.<
In fact, there are just a little things I disliked of Skyward Sword; the way you move the wiimote to pilot the Loftwing and the size of the rupees. But I stay clear and my favorite Zelda game so far is Skyward Sword :D
Dec 19, 2011
I agree with most of the OP's points although I don't think SS is the worst game of the series. I feel Skyward Sword may not have lived up to all the hype but in time a lot of the games haters will learn to love it.


My opionion of this game was, I LVED the storyline, especially the interaction between Link and Zelda,,,this is the first time (I think) there was some romantic vibes between the two.....my only complaint, was the motion capture was not 100%, I had problems with some enemies because my sword slash did not go the way I swung it, and ssometimes, you had to puase the game to reset the motion plus, otherwise, it is one of my favorite and to me ranks #2 behind Ocarina of Time.


I was thinking the same exact thing. I thought that before every dungeon, you had to go through hours of annoying things. Then when you finally finish, you find out that the dungeon is hard as heck! After that, there's the silent realm, which was the most annoying thing I had ever found in a video game. And founding those stupid fish in the ocean? Forget it. I was GREATLY disappointed. :mad:
Jul 18, 2010
Liverpool, UK
this is an opinion war! no-ones going to win! :) personally I think skyward sword is a really good zelda game with an awesome story and great dungeon design but its not the best zelda game ever and doesnt deserve perfect 10s from game reviewers as even a huge zelda fan like me had problems with it! still its amazing and definatly deserves reviews of around 8-9/10 in my view!


I honestly think Zelda 2 is the worst because of is RPG like gameplay... hence the term RPG like... when you run into an enemy you go into a little sequence that you have to battle or side scroll out of...
Oct 21, 2010
although I do agree with a lot of your opinions, I wouldn't say WORST.

the plot is probably one of the best in the series, and even though the game had a lot of bad things in it, I found it fun enough to not be my least favorite. I just didn't like the lack of exploration, the sky is probably what disappointed me the most. I would of been okay with the small city in the sky if only there was more to explore up above! Maybe even more cities?

(random rant)I liked the islands in the wind waker 'cause I could actually had to figure out something! The wind waker was so much more fun BECAUSE of the islands in it, the only way wind waker could of been more exploration-ish(?) is if there were more islands in between and/or bigger ones. I thought too my self when I heard about the sky is "hey! I bet they fixed the problem they did in wind waker! yay! more exploration!" But no. It was the biggest disappointment to me, that and a few other things is why this game isn't my favorite... But I can't say its my least favorite 3D, 'cause it was more fun then TP, and that's it. It was more fun! :]

The reason why I liked this game better then TP is because of its fun innovations, the boss fights were harder, no disappointing main villain, the over world was less boring, the enemies were more fun and even though Zelda didn't do anything in the main boss fight(which I find a stupid thing to complain about anyways) she was more then just a damsel in distress, she became a very important component to the plot and is your best friend.

And the thing about the cities? I'm with you on that one, dude. With the people needing to be up above the clouds for so long(which was already a whole civilization before they went up to the sky), you would think they would have children. I know they wanted to concentrate on the 'characters', but they did a terrible job. I found all the characters personalities generic. Even if clock town didn't have THAT many people in it in reality, they sure made it feel like there was! So many ways to make the characters deeper then they were, if they did that I think the town might of felt a bit larger. This also brings me back to the lack of sky there was, ugh. they could of made the world so much more lively if they had more people and more towns in the sky!

So yeah, I agree with you... Sorta. I found the dungeons some of the best in the series though, thats another reason why its not my LEAST favorite, it made up with its fun-ness. But if it lacked the wonderful gameplay and amazing plot(for Zelda) this game would be my least favorite.

Even though my complaints seem harsh, in reality they could be easily fixed. They just needed to think deeper in the characters lives, added more exploration, and more people(I don't care if there is a few characters that just repeat what they say when you talk to them) To be honest, the way the characters evolved was interesting, I liked how things changed as you went on your quest, that made the characters seem more alive, they just had cheesy personalities and problems with unsatisfying outcomes.


Zelda Masta
Nov 4, 2011
Canada EH
ahhh helll noooo! Anyone who thinks that SS is the worst 3D zelda game obviously hates the franchise as a whole period haha


Dec 16, 2009
United States
Attack helicopter
I completley disagree. Skyward Sword was completley awesome. Maybe there were some bad things in it, but the graphics, storyline, etc. completley made up for it. But the only other 3D Zelda Games I recall playing are Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. For those games, I didn't even get to play the main story of it though. So what do I know?
Dec 29, 2011
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
The sky IS the hurdle or termina field of the game, I feel that the reason you didn't like the game is because you aren't being very open minded. You didn't like certain qualities because they are not the normal things we see in the LoZ series, but I disagree with almost all your oppinions!

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