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Skyward Sword Storyline: Need Your Help

Dec 19, 2011

That's funny. Yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of other people thought that as well.
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I narrated the cutscene after you get the Triforce and kill Demise.

Would have typed more than a paragraph, but I did it on a cell phone.
Dec 29, 2011
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
I just hope that some joker doesn't start putting out false info. :(
"ENDING: Once you return, prepared to defeat Demise, you are shot in the back with a large bomb, courtesy of Groose. IT is then you realized his plan all along, He truly would do anything to have Zelda for his own. Groose goes on to defeat Demise himself, After taking your sword, and the ending credits role while watching the epic battle." Sound good?

No, I won't. But I almost wish this was how it ended. ;)

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