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Spoiler Skyward Sword: Before and After (MAJOR SPOILERS)


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Oct 22, 2010
So I've been watching gloverrandall's Skyward Sword walkthrough before I get SS on Christmas (we already got it, I just have to wait till Christ mas to get it, don't ask), and I wanted to make a sort of before I play it and after I play it review, I'm actually curious to see what has changed in my feelings when I've actually played it. So here's the before review up to when you defeat The Imprisoned the 2nd time.

I love the beginning story of the goddess. How can you get that far back with any other game? This is almost definitely the last Zelda game that will go back that far in time, at least for a while. When you start, I like the sequence with the letter and Link's dream, then waking up to Zelda's note. I also like the ceremony, the bird controls, and the awesome graphics in the zutscene where Zelda falls off her Loftwing. Getting back to the real gameplay, the sword controls are the b est in any Zelda game, especially when you're just pressing B to swing your sword. I'm glad I'm right handed, too, cuz in the Lanayru Mines, gloverrandall mentions how it's hard to pull off some sword slashes, especially horizontal ones. Anyways, on to Faron. At least Goron's are present! Geez, that old lady's creepy, though.... but when he get's to the temple, it's all worth it. Sadly, though, no compass is present in this 3D title. It kinda nakes me sad, because I can remember every time I opened a chest hoping it was the dungeon item, only to find that stupid thing... until I figured out that the dungeon item comes after the mini-boss. But it gave me memories, so I hope they bring it back. I'm not gonan talk about every single detail, so let's just move on to Ghirahim. That boss battle is still one of my favorite boss battles in SS, even from just watching it. Again, not every detail, so on to Eldin. The Earth Temple was cool, but the dungeon item was kinds stupid, since it was only a bomb bag that can only hold TEN BOMBS. But Scaldera... kinda dumb of a boss battle. Then Lanayru Mines. I liked the dungeon, although kind of long and wasteful, as gloverrandall mentions, some parts he thinks are just added in to make the game longer. Then the Ancient Cistern. I'm gonan really enjoy that dungeon, and I'm glad you get an item that you have to use the WiiMotion Plus to use it. Koloktos? Knocked my socks off. He's is the coolest boss EVER! (total exaggeration, I love plenty of bosses more than him) Off to the Sandship. That dungeon and boss (Tentalus) were cool, but a giant Krakken thing? On a boat? In teh middle of a storm? Nintendo went really old school with that one, but nonetheless, I liked it. The Fire Sanctuary was one of the dumbest dungeons, though, it was too easy, yet long. When I was watching the video, I couldn't help but want to yell, "Finish the dungeon already!" but that'd be weird, screaming at a computer screen... oh, I forgot The Imprisoned. After the Lanayru Mining Facility, you go to the Sealed Grounds and fight The Imprisoned, the imprisoned form of
the final boss, Demise.
Then the next three dungeons, then The Imprisoned the second time.

That's as far as I've gotten in the video walkthrough, so I'll update this every once in a while. So that's it for now, adios!



Dec 19, 2011
First, you don't have to push B just to swing your sword, all you have to do is swing your Wiimote and your sword will come out. Also, listen carefully when you do that and your Wiimote will make a cool sound as if its actually pulling out your Wiimote.

Second, you can buy an additional Bomb Bag, Slingshot bag,and Quiver at the Bazaar, each holds +5. Upgrade those at the Bazaar and the highest upgrade, I believe is +15 or +20.

Third, when you get the dungeon map it automatically shows you where in the temple treasure chests are, as well as showing you rooms you've visited.

May I ask why you thought the bomb bag in Eldin Volcano was a stupid item, and why you thought Scaldera was silly? :3 Just curious.

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Wow,I knew SS was tempting but I don't think I would have done what you did and spoiled almost all the game!! Actually I almost cracked about a week from the realease date,I posted a video of the final boss fight in the threads and I was going to watch it because alot of people were saying it was the most awsome final boss fight ever.Luckly I stoped myself from watching it. SS is the only zelda game I was tempeted to spoil for myself!!
Dec 22, 2011
Love the game, love the story, love the ending! I could play this game over and over again without it getting old!

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