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Skyward Sword: Awesome Game Expect for Over Use of Fi?

Apr 8, 2012
I agree, fi was overused. I think she couldve been a bit more like midna , who didnt help unless you asked her to. Other than that the game is great


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Truely, the only times I saw Fi annoying when she kept telling me that I'm low in my hearts or my batteries are going to die. What's funny about that, is that my batteries at least a good 3 hours after she first announced it! :D


Its a secret to everyone
Nov 8, 2011
The whole premise and idea of Fi bothers me to be honest. Its been around 6 months since I touched SS and I still, til this day, cannot get over the fact that the Master Swords origins is heavily influenced by robotic AI programmed by an ancient Goddess. Game play wise, everytime she popped up it bugged me because of that fact.
Jun 11, 2012
I actually thought that Fi wasn't annoying at all I mean at least the things she tells you are useful all :fairy: does it scream "Hey" or "Listen" throughout the whole game that to me is more annoying than Fi. And its just as easy to ignore Fi as it is to ignore :fairy: . Also I find that throughout the game Fi's character is developes I find that there is a bond that forms between her and link making their companionship turn into a friendship. Which makes Fi one of my favorite characters in the whole franchise. Also Fi is the spirit of the master sword there for she trumps:fairy:!

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