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Spoiler Skyward Sword and Minish Cap Similar?


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Jul 31, 2011
skyward sword and minish cap are directed by the same man. at the beginning of minish cap there was a festival. at the beging of skyward sword there there are pictures of what looks like a festival. minish cap, zelda gets kidnapped. Skyward sword, zelda gets kidnapped by a whale thing.

how much more simularities do you think that there will be. or did i miss a simularity that you know of. what do you think :) :) :) :)
Aug 2, 2011
Dont forget the intro of Minish cap, it tates that a sword was passed down from the heavens to defeat a great evil...during that scene it shows pics of llink ganon and thr Master sword


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
Haha, I'm actually planning on writing an article on this subject after SS comes out. The festival does stand out as a similarity, as IGN's Audrey pointed out, as well as Link's relationship with Zelda and her personality. When Ghirahim was first shown, some people (including Audrey) thought he looked a lot like Vaati. One incongruence is that MC's sword-from-sky theme happens in its backstory, while SS revolves around it. I don't think that SS takes place (immediately) before MC, but I do think they are related in some other way which I will explore in my article.


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Aug 31, 2009
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IF they have any connection to each other then maybe their will be a small in game connection that may help place MC properly on the timeline.
Aug 2, 2011
thats what get s me so exited about this game, It can connect MC and OOt and TP, stories..even if its just minor references.. this will either be incredibly awesome...or incredibly disappointing


Jan 10, 2011
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Your right! Vatii---->View attachment 16102 and Ghirahim---->View attachment 16103 do look very simular. :) i didnt realize that.

Really, they kind of don't. The skin and hair are slightly similar, but that's it. Anyway, any similarities were unintentional, as it's been stated that the design and personality of Ghirahim was to make something completely opposite of Ganondorf's style.

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