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Skylofts Looks



I think its gonna be just a floating land mass with a town on it. Although I have to wonder how would that get water?


I think Skyloft will be like a floating land mass with a city on it. I have to wonder how they get food and water though.


I thought of the city area of Skyloft looking a bit like this:/Users/akatsukimanx100/Documents/Skyloft(city).png
This is my little base draft of the city area. I would like it bigger than I made it. There should also be more to Skyloft than a city.
Jan 25, 2010
Erm, actually...
I don't think that Skyloft will be just a city.
Like we had another dimmension in ALttP and another time in OoT, I think Skyloft will be a land, not a city, but unlike ALttP and OoT, it will be a tottaly different land. I think it will be green and full of trees, but I hope we get some enviromnent variety too.
I never thought Link's hometown to be a big city, but I do hope we will get a brand-new big city with a lot of interactivity.
nintento said skyloft is a series of islands so i think link's home town will be (a lot) bigger than ordon, and on the other islands there are like one big city as others mentioned, and a couple of dungeons.

i don't think they will make hyrule un civilized and savage like you are all saying... except for a couple of people. it will be the hyrule we know.


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Jan 30, 2010
I think that Skyloft will look unique and new. I don't think that Skyloft will follow City in the Sky or other places. It's a land all on its own and copying from something else to disguise it as something new doesn't so all the interesting to me. I think that Skyloft will be something interesting and I think that you'll probably be heading there often in the game. That's something I want to see. I want to be able to see Link going back to where he is from more often than he has done in other games. I think that there should be clues or puzzles even that take you to Skyloft from time to time to find a certain item or help a certain person. I think it would be new and you would get to explore Skyloft commonly in SS. I think Skyloft will look beautiful (Not that Nintendo has ever let us down in that area). I think that the buildings will be unique and special. Maybe they'll all differ from each other. That's just was I envision when I think of what Skyloft will look like.


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Nov 9, 2009
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*responding to the point that Skyloft is a bunch of floating islands*

I belive that Skyloft will be split into sections that are supported in the air by the same mechanism as the city in the sky[TP]. There will be bridges that connect each section and alot of trees and plants are on each. Houses will be on each island, and in the center will be a large building where the current leader of the area lives.

That's just my idea, but i'd like to see the trees and plants growing, along with a few animals. That would add more of an appeal to the place, opposed to stone and mortar as far as the eye can see.

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