Since when were Moblins made in Ganon's image

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    guys i think hwrdjacob might like zelda
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    I wouldn't purport to have worked out a near flawless timeline if I wasn't absolutely sure....

    I know probably around 80% of the content in these games when I focus. And when I say 80%, I don't mean superficially like the plots or dungeons.

    I literally about every six months spend the seventh month replaying every Zelda game to 100% completion, in chronological order according to both mine and HH's timelines just to analyze every minute aspect of it- I ponder over a lot of the minor details and I actually surprise myself with the little nuances that all fit together with my timeline, seemingly irrelevant things that happen to paint a bigger picture of a single narrative divided into roughly 4/5 story arcs (The 3D arc, the Wind Waker Arc, the Four Swords arc, the ALttP Arc, and the NES arc, if you consider ALttP and NES's story arcs to be distinct) with one obvious and recent game being the exception but still having a lot to suggest a Post-ST placement.

    This is also why I'm fairly confident in pegging BotW down where I peg it both by mine and HH's standards due to all the minor nuances and things that do and do not add up- really, the Zelda timeline comes down to simple process of elimination as far as placements go, with the major factors being the Triforce's state, the Master Sword's state, and the state of Ganon himself. Yes, there are occasionally other supporting factors but by and large, those seem to be the most important aspects as far as internal lore is concerned.

    The funny thing is, the minor nuances aren't even needed. The process of elimination can basically be done based on those three aspects. They pretty much just amount to supporting details at this point, many numerous ones but still.

    You shouldn't make big claims without evidence to back it up, so I constantly try to verse myself in every aspect both blatant and obscure of the in game lore to support my main arguments.
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    The characters within the game call them the "the castle guards" and "The soldiers in the castle" several times, showing they are indeed corrupted Hylian soldiers in Four Swords Adventures. I'll need a source for the Darknut in Japan thing, as I haven't found one yet, and would be genuinely interested in seeing it.

    I only see small white eyes, and a different helmet structure. The Darknut is also inhumanly huge, even with only his chainmail covering his body. WW/MM Darknuts have similar open glaring eyes.

    I believe the Dragon, known as Barba overseas, has a similar, but different name to Volviaagia in Japan. Similar to Volvagia, and Volga. So he probably just a similar/related dragon rather then Volvagia himself. I agree that the King made his own, but the fact that he was able too, shows Iron Knuckles aren't exclusively creations of evil.
    Onox wears a similar Knuckle to Iron Knuckles, but is otherwise different. He fights more like a Ball, and Chain Soldier.

    I don't know where this fits anywhere, but Richard's servents who turned on him for unexplained reasons in Link's Awakening were mostly composed of Darknuts.

    That could still be referring to explicitly demonic, or undead creatures like Achemen, and Moas as opposed to the mora natural Moblins, River Zoras, and Octoroks