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Spoiler Silent Realm

Sep 21, 2011
The Silent Realm was so epic! At first when Fi told me about it, I thought it as another boring collection scene, like TP..holy crap was I wrong! The second I stepped out, this horror movie music came on & my heart started racing especially in the Eldin Volcano. When I saw all of those tears completely spread out againist each other, I thought "Oh **** I'm screwed!!" This is definetly a huge positive change in Zelda, & I would love to see more of it!
Nov 26, 2008
I've done three Silent Realms so far and I decided right away on the first one that they are freaking glorious. And they are absolutely scary. I am literally playing Resident Evil 2 alongside Skyward Sword, and the Silent Realm, for me at least, is easily as scary. Not as many disturbing or mature themes, but in terms of atmosphere and presentation... and just how tense everything becomes, it's an approximate amount of fear if a very different type.

I've failed once on the Faron Woods and Eldin Volcano Silent Realms before completing them, and beat the Lanayru Desert one first try, so they're not crushingly hard. Hard or not, they are alarming and freaky, in all the right ways. Absolutely exciting, and I've been anticipating these things as much as dungeons since the first one in Faron Woods, which I can honestly say I didn't expect even with my positive pre-release opinion of the Silent Realm. I think Eldin Volcano's got my favorite Silent Realm so far. I loved how the lava looks (that is, normal) in the Silent Realm, I loved the depressing, eerie music, and I liked the layout. Very cool.

It's also kinda sweet that I was right in my initial assumption that the Silent Realms wouldn't be seriously related to the plot. :P I mean they definitely have a reason for being there, but it's not really plot heavy, as opposed to a light plot device. The game could have easily existed without them (though thank god it doesn't).

Oh my god. Did anyone see those flying things with the scythe-like appendages? Those things scare the heck out of me. I guess they give chase when you run to higher elevations. It's odd, because I never knew they existed. I guess I never paid much attention to them. Heh heh...
I think those are called Sky Guardians. I haven't memorized names yet. They're scary as hell. Not as quick as the Earth Guardians, but they are still dangerous, and on the Eldin Volcano Silent Realm they are especially numerous and especially dangerous. They attack you no matter where you are, though, and they're able to pursue you anywhere, and do so endlessly. They might be able to lose sight of you, but I'm not sure.

Too bad there weren't more Silent Realm occasions in the game...
Yeah, as awesome as the existing ones are, I would have wanted more, but I guess they didn't want to go overboard. They should have had an optional Silent Realm for every major map area, like the Sealed Grounds or Lanayru Mine. :P

Links Brother

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Jul 12, 2011
During the Silent Realm at first I was at ease sitting and relaxing on my chair as I strolled through the wonderful world collect tears. But then I dash into the Waking water and everything turns red. The music that sounds like Silent Hill comes on and out of no where people with swords come at fast speeds. I kept yelling "Link, go faster." "Wheres that stupid tear. Ahhhh!" But overall it was creepy. But I like creepy :) and it is now one of my favorite things to do in the Zelda Series.


Mar 28, 2010
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Yes, I was scared half to death at times because of the tight situations I got myself into such a staring a wakened guardian right in the face as I dash toward a tear, or stepping in waking water for the first time. But I don't think Skyward Sword would be the same without the Silent Realm, it helped keep a good challenge there.


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I absolutely loved the Silent Realms. And yes, I found them freaky. I knew from reading spoilers that as soon as I stepped outside the circle that the guardians would wake up, so I made sure that I could get the first soul thing as quickly as possible. And how many times have I stepped in Waking Water and then 2 seconds later been right next to a guardian? Too many times, I tell you. They seemed pretty slow though and I easily outran them.
I died a couple of times in the Volcano (though one time was cause I fell in the lava), but finished the others on my first try, so they're not difficult. They were really enjoyable nonetheless though, and I would play through the game just to get there again.
Jun 25, 2011
I really liked the Silent Realm. They were really fun, really creepy and the music was VERY good (I'm a guru for Zelda music). The only real problem I had was in Eldin Volcano. I collected the 15th tear at the top of the mountain in the burning caves, and I jumped off the ledge into a puddle of Waking Water. There were no tears left, so I could do nothing but run. I went down the mountain, across the bone bridge (which was actually a setback), and back through the cave to the blue circle. I could've probably heard my heart pounding in my feet after that "endless" encounter with the guardians.
Apr 6, 2011
The Silent Realm was peacefully eerie and surreal to me. It was like time was frozen itself. I had a fun time looking for the tears in the Silent Realm. But when the Guardians woke up, it was sheer fear and tensions were high. I can almost feel the breath of the Guardians coming after me (if they had breath).


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Aug 29, 2011
Halfway There
YES the were scary and I hated them. Well, see, (in my defense) the first time I went into a Silent Realm, it was night and storming outside, and I was under the impression that there were two guardians and they would always be chasing you the entire time. I walked out of the circle knowing there was one right in front of me, saw the cut scene (that got SO annoying after a while), ran back into the circle, left, went to a bird statue, saved, quit, and turned off my Wii and didn't play it again for a couple days, when I learned that the Guardians would be frozen and, despite being still creepy, the Silent Realms weren't so bad. But I'm here and not doing the Lanayru one so you can see how that goes . . . .

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