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Signature issues


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Oct 8, 2019
I have read a couple posts about how to fix this issue, but I keep getting the same message. Did I overlook something or is there something going on with Zelda Dungeon?

I've tried using one image at a time. I used the correct means and do not understand why I am getting this message. Is there something I overlooked or is there conflicting codes in Zelda Dungeon?
Hey, Chaosdrako! First off, welcome to ZD. *waves*

The issue you're experiencing is the byproduct of some anti-spam measures taken by the forum software to prevent new accounts from putting outgoing links into their signatures. I think this is something that it does for either the first five or ten posts? Can't remember. The image being hosted on another site probably had it flagged, though. But it's certainly not anything you did. This being your fifth post might be a good time to try again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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