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Sign Up for My Fan Fic, Hurry Limited Places!!!!

Pop 360

Angel Beats Geek
Feb 1, 2010
The Afterlife battlefront
I am going to write a fan fic and I need some characters, there will only be seven places so hurry if you want to be in it, lay out your characters profile like this

Name: Poppy Fantasia
Age: 14
Race: Hylian (can be any zelda related race)
Weapons: Dagger and shortbow (Maximum 2)
Apperance: Medium height, brown long hair to waist, old shirt and tattered shorts
Abilities: Exellent swordsman (this can be magic or physical ability)

Hurry only 7 places left


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010

Name: Ella Rose
Age: 14
Race: Cat - human
Weapons: Sword and bow
Appearance: (Profile pic) Fair, curly hair, blue eyes and dress, cat ears and tail.
Abilities: Super fast and good fighter and climber. (Like cat)


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Name: Pandora
Nickname: Panda
Age: 13
Race: Hylian
Weapons: Bow and Arrows and Hunting Knife
Apperance: Short for her age, long jet black hair, a little tan year 'round, blue eyes, wears a Chinese dress
Abilities: The best archer of Hyrule! And is a feminist :3

Wait a minute... wouldn't this be in the Fan Works area??? Oh well...
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Type to myself in silence
Nov 8, 2009
Washington, USA
I'll join too!

Name: Inko Trate Rami
Age: 14 (now everyone shall be 14)
Race: Hylian
Gender: Male
Weapons: Ninjato and Katana
Apearance: White cotton shirt, Brown corduroy pants, Brown Toon Link Boots, a Black Bandana (like snake's or Ike's), Dark green Cloak, Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes,and Peach Skin
Abilities: Stealthy and quick with his swords.
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Phantom Zelda

Mostly Harmless
May 25, 2010
East Clock Town
Yay, I like being in fan fics :lol:
Name: Lucas
Age: 14
Race: Sheikah
Weapons: Longsword and bow
Appearence: Basically like sheik...
Abilities: Can teleport short distances

There you go :)

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Am I too late? D: If not, here it is...

Name: Saga
Age: 21
Race: Hylian
Weapons: Two curved blades
Appearance: Medium height, brown hair, white shirt, black vest, brown pants and dark boots
Abilities: Great all-around fighter


Stardust Crusaders
Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
Race: Sheikah
Weapon: Broad Sword, Ice Rod, and Bow.
Appearance: 5 1/2 feet tall,Brownish-Blonde hair,skinny, and green tunic.
Special Abilities: some Magic,Awesome Swordsman,can teleport with deku nuts, can translate languages.
Traits:Funny,Outgoing,Loud,Smart,Strong, and Content.
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Leave the chocolate here
Jan 25, 2010
The Mansion!
Name: Yot
age: 14 (my real age, not like all of you)
race: Hyilan
gender: male
Weapons: a long fancy pirates sword and a rusty spear.
Appearance: black curly hair with lots of knots, Sky surfing wings made of metal and black fabric (similar too bat's wings), short yellow scarf, pilot's binoculars (he's not wearing them, they are hanging on his neck), dark blue long shirt, gray pants, a chest armor and black boots.
abilities: great improvisation skills, knows how to sail a ship, swords skills, can use his wings when he falls, very clever.
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A Frog
Feb 19, 2010
on my bean bag...
Name: Hazel
Age: 35
Race: Hylian
Weapons: Skythe and shortsword
Apperance: Very Tall, blond long hair to waist, a poncho-like thing and long shorts
Abilities: Very strong
If I am not too late....

Name: Ember (One of my prefered made up characters.)
Race: Incubus
Age: 102 (Apears to be 10.)
Apearance: Red pointy hair with purple face markings and large red eyes. Two red Goat-like horns in the place were a human's ears would be. (He can still hear, somehow...) A red Pirate Suit with a tight black Belt. Red Stockings with red small shoes with teeth like markings.
Weapon: A flute that is also a wand with firey red edge. It has a black band under the edge, a red cane, ending with a black handle with a slightly red end. (See in appearance.)
Abilities: Controls fire and can turn into fire. Imortality.
Originating From: Fomoria
Currently Living In: Sacred Grove Swamp

Update: By the way, the only thing people actualy know about him is his powers and that he is an Incubus from Fomoria. (The female of the Incubus are called Sucubus which do not have the male-only horns.) Also, nobody knows his real name, but he, at times, talkins in third person refering to himself as Ember.

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