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Shouldn't It Be 'goddess'?


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
The word god simply refers to a higher power or deity of spiritual importance, and is not by definition gender specific. Even when using the capitalized and more specific term God, it still refers to the specific highest individual of that particular faith, and though it is usually associated with a male deity, it is not by definition restricted for males only. Technically then, it is perfectly fine to refer to the Golden Goddesses using the term god. Not to mention in several cultures the masculine form of a word can also refer to both genders as a whole (ie man can refer to all of humanity, men and women included).

I also don't believe Japan has gender specific terms for gods and goddesses, so maybe the translators decided to keep it as god just to make things simpler.
Jan 28, 2011
Plus "Oh my Goddess" doesn't roll off the tongue quite the same as "Oh My God" :P I guess they could just write OMG now days. :lol:

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