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Should someone else handle Sonic?

I was always a Nintendo girl (though I had Sega and Nintendo consoles), sure back in the 90s Sonic WAS cooler than Mario, but Mario's games were always much better (in my opinion).

As much as I love the eay 2D Sonic games, Mario still always had the upper hand in quality for me.

Mario also found grace and dignity in 3D (on his first go too!) Whereas Sonic didnt... (in my opinion).

Since Sonic's jump to 3D his life has been a bumpy one. In my opinion even his best 3D games are still clunky messes (though him being voiced by Chris Redfield tickles me).

Sega dont seem to be able to get Sonic wholly right...

This has made me wonder if anyone could do Sonic right. Sonic hasnt had his Prime or Galaxy or Ocarina game since his jump to 3D... but could a developer other than Sega give it to him if Sega let them?

So, who do you think could stand a good chance of giving Sonic his wholly good 3D game?

It can be anyone you like; Retro Studios, Platinum Games, whoever it is that made Horizon Zero Dawn.

Who do you think could actually make a good 3D Sonic game on the levels of Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime and Ocarina of Time?

Or is Sonic damned?
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Jul 6, 2011
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CD Projekt Red. Great storytelling combined with gratuitous violence, sex and gore would make sonic great again!


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Jan 20, 2017
Great question. I too was a Nintendo boy who dabbled in Sega growing up. So Sonic was present for sure. But can he be saved today or should the dumpster he go?

Absolutely. They try to hard to give Sonic this persona that crosses all ages. Giving him drama and uncomfortable voice lines. All they end up doing is alienating and cringing everyone over 10 years old. I say shut him up and let some of the anti-heroes have basic and non-complicated missions.

And just roll with it.

(see what I did there?)

Also they need to stop making crappy games. I'll probably think of more to say but that is all for now.


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Apr 13, 2009
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Sonic was a lost cause since its conception and only keeps going based on the fume of nostalgia, memes and false memories. The sooner the series dies, the less furries we'll have in the future (in theory).


Oct 24, 2012
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What else can be done with Sonic? I mean, the first game was just a unique spin (u c wut I did thar?) on the traditional Mario platformer; i.e. jumping but this time with really fast running from left to right. That's it. The only progression the series ever made, IMO, was the introduction of Knuckles and his gliding and climbing made traversing levels feel unique compared to Sonic.

Really, ya gotta give them credit for the gimmicks they've added to the series. Were-hedgehogs(?) swordplay and all the other stuff... I mean, sure it's bizarre but what else are you gonna do with such a simple premise?

"But- But ALL WE WANT is tehz Speeeeeed!!!" Cry the Sonic fans. Well... THEN PLAY THE FIRST FEW GAMES!!! Play maybe that one (two?) 3D Sonic game that isn't a horrendously designed glitch ridden atrocity... You're not gonna get much else out of this basic concept.

The Sonic franchise outlived itself fifteen years ago. Time to put the little blue blur to bed.

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