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Should I Buy a 3DS Now?


Jan 19, 2011
Now that the price of a new 3DS is dropping to 169.99$, I am thinking that maybe I should buy one. I didn't buy one at launch because 250$ is ridiculous for a handheld, but for my budget 169$ is fine. Is it worth buying now for someone cheap like me?


The game is on!
I really recommend you to buy one. :nod: It really is great! :D And if you buy one, you have to buy OoT3D! It is really improved, and just the thought of playing OoT anywhere is just utterly extraordinary! :)


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Apr 2, 2011
I really recommend you to buy one. :nod: It really is great! :D And if you buy one, you have to buy OoT3D! It is really improved, and just the thought of playing OoT anywhere is just utterly extraordinary! :)
You didnt answer his question....
Anyway, I would wait for the price drop, because even though you will get tons of free content, all that content will not come close to the 70$ price drop, 40 at most. So, yeah, wait. The only reason I would NOT wait is if there is something on the 3ds ware exclusive that you HAVE TO HAVE! Metroid Fusion is great, and it would make me buy one now, but I still have my gba copy. :D


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Oct 17, 2007
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I can't see the 3DS dropping any more in price. Think about where it's at now. It was $249.99 before, and it's $169.99 now. That's an $80 drop in price, which is almost unheard of. If they were to drop the price anymore, they might as well just take it off the shelves altogether, because if it ever equals or drops below the price of a DS Lite or DSi, it would be a major marketing failure. I have a feeling they won't drop the price more, and if they do at all, it won't be substantial.

So yes, I would say go ahead and buy one now. I bought mine when it was still $249.99, and Nintendo has said they would make up the difference by giving me (and other "Ambassadors") a total of 20 free VC downloads. I have a feeling that if they were to ever drop the price again, they might just do the same. So basically you've got nothing to lose. Go for it. :)


Jun 19, 2010
Ten GBA and ten NES games are definetly worth 80$. Most of those GBA games would cost at least 10$ each. And the NES games are 5$ each on the Virtual Consle. So if i'm correct, then they would be worth 150$. And even if the GBA games were only 5$ each, then that would still be 100$.


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Nov 3, 2009
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Yes, by all means! Buy one before August 11 for 10 free GBA and SNES games! Woohoo!
My thoughts exactly. The free games are great and will be worth far more than $100. If you already have all the NES and GBA games and you don't care that you can play them anywhere without switching carts, buy it later. If you are a true Nintendo fan, you will help them in their time of need.

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Jul 28, 2011
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Make fun of me for buying two. One for me and one for my dad :P We still love them though, and finally Pilotwings has made a comeback.

Oh, and only buy it now IF you want 10 GBA games and NES games (Got all of them on my flashcart, I wish they did SNES >:-(


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Jun 14, 2010
Get it now at future shop or best buy, it is only $200 till tomorrow.

If you are in Canada(which I see you are ;)), I would definitely do this. My friend has wanted a 3DS for a while, and just got his this weekend from that sale. If you do this, you can make the Ambassador Program and get 20 free games, while saving money(Yay sales!)

If you can't make that, then it is your choice I guess. If you do want these games, you'll have to pay a little more, but the value of them is definitely worth it. If not and you just want the system, you'll get it for $70 less. So either way, it's a win win...

In my opinion, I think you should just get it now, before the 12th. Might be a little more costly now, but in the long run, it will be worth the money spent. ^^

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In general, I would definitely recommend the system. It's quite an amazing device, although it needs a bit more in terms of game selection.

In regards to the 20 free games, I'd definitely say they're worth the extra $80 to buy the system early. The only knife I'd throw in that is that you should ask whether or not you're willing to spend $80 to buy those 20 games right now, keeping in mind you may not be able to later on. And you'll have to wait a while to get those games. They haven't said what all of them are, so we'll find out what more of them are at some point, but out of what's already been announced I'm particularly excited to play Metroid Fusion and The Legend of Zelda. Technically it comes out at $4 per game, but I think these to are each worth well over $4.


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May 26, 2010
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The GBA and SNES games being released are worth WAY more than $4. How much did they release for? $30USD I think? That value, at least to me, should be upheld forever and ever and EVER.

About those 20+ games, getting a 3DS now would mitigate the amount of money you would theoretically need to spend. GBA games being sold online still sell for the $20-$30 price tag they originally came with, ESPECIALLY Pokemon games. Now, getting 20 games for $80 is basically you getting at least an 80 percent discount off of every game I believe. That's extremely cheap if you want those games. But, if you just want the 3DS, wait because you aren't aiming to get anything in particular and an $80 drop is a massive amount.

If your only concern is the price of the 3DS, you could wait until the price drop takes effect but you have the downside of not being an ambassador (and if you want to get those games, you may have to do a bit of online shopping for a DS/GBA and the games). If you have concerns about game quality, rest assured. Sure, a lot of the first party Nintendo games that were released so far aren't great, but you still have fun with them. Also, the 3DS is backwards compatible with most DS software so if you're not liking a 3DS game, you could always go down a notch with a DS game (they won't have the 3D effect though). I don't want to be a fanboy so I won't say GET OOT3D because there ARE other games out there.

Anyway, you shouldn't be disappointed with the purchase of a 3DS because the games currently released are really good (I recommend Dead or Alive Dimensions and OoT3D), the future lineup sounds stellar (Mario Kart 7? YES.), and it's BC with NDS games.

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Are these free games already on the 3ds shop or are they comong for the general public? Id really want to try out metroid but i think i could wait if im goong to be saving $80 in the process. Anyone know if those games will be open to the public?

Twilight Comet

I really want a 3DS but haven't bought one yet. My friend did and he said it was awesome. The games out right now besides OoT are not that appling to me but Nintendo annouced a great lineup of games at E3. But my big question would be if there is online multiplayer. A multiplayer Zelda title like Four Swords online would be amazing!

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