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Should Hero Mode Overwrite Your File?

Should Hero Mode delete your save file?

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Aug 7, 2011
I haven't done Hero's mode yet, but I don't like the idea of it overwriting my old file personally. As others have said though, you can just copy the file to another slot so it's not a huge issue either way.


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Dec 24, 2011
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I didn't want my first playthrough (100%) of the game EVER to be erased to make a lame "more challenging" one. The only thing that I liked about it at all was the fact that you got to keep all of your tresures and insects. That was nice. I had the Scattershot and the Tough Beetle almost as soon as I got the items!
Dec 20, 2011
I was semi-devastated when it happened, but it did encourage me to play Hero mode right away.

No, they should use the OoT3D system in the menu that you can choose if you wanna play Hero Mode or Normal Mode.

A lot of games need to be beaten in order to unlock "Hardcore" mode, so I think that's the feel they were going with in SS. I would have chosen Hero mode first, yea, though after playing it in normal mode first and getting to know everything, Hero Mode was ridiculously EASY fro me. Not really sure that's what they were going for.

Here's how I see it: If you want your hard worked on file deleted, YOU'LL DELETE IT YOURSELF!

Granted, if it did create a new file and I beat Hero Mode, I would have deleted my other save anyhow. Just nice to know you have options I think. It was a shocker to just see everything GONE but, yea. Not like I didn't get it all back anyway. Motivation to replay perhaps? To reclaim what you lost?
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Sep 30, 2011
No I don't think they should. I mean if you want to play hero mode and beat your old file 100% you should be able to.


Apr 3, 2012
i dont think it really matters, but i think theres no point to saving to another file, just 100% it before you beat it
Apr 17, 2012
I think you should always be asked wether you would like to save the hero mode in a seperate save file. I got my old file deleted, because I thought to myself that I don't want to go back to Demise again only to unlock the hard mode. That just made me have an idea: Beating the game should just unlock the hard mode, so you can choose between the two modes from then on every time you start a new game.


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Jan 31, 2010
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I played WW and I was so mad when I finished the game and it overwrote my good file. OoT3D and master quest had it's own set of save files so I liked that because you can keep collecting everything until you've 100% completed the game. In SS I almost made the same mistake as WW, but I copied my file just in case.
Do you think that Hero mode and other harder modes should overwrite your file?
What do you mean WW deleted your file? You have the opportunity to save your file in a new slot. I saved my file to a new slot so it did not overwrite my file. And to answer the rest of the question, yes it is annoying but always make sure you at least copy your file (just before you fight Demise) to a new file so you don't have to start all over.
Dec 22, 2011
It shouldnt, when I first completed the game I overwrited it without knowing. I actually played through the game one more time just so I could have a profile that I could log into later.
Dec 30, 2011
I think that after beating the game, the next time you start a new file you should be given the choice between Hero Mode and the original game.
Oct 26, 2011
I liked the way WW did it honestly. I probably would have erased my game regardless when I picked it up again, but IN CASE I didn't, I dunno...a little silly I suppose. Felt like all the hard work I put into my first time was cruelly destroyed without my knowing....all my hard work...gone:'(

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