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Should Breath of the Wild 2 drop the stamina system altogether?


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Apr 7, 2019
The original Breath of the Wild is designed almost wholly around it's stamina mechanic, from how tall or small the cliffs are, to how fast you can pick off enemies with a spin attack.

Now let's think of something radical - with stamina being such a divisive mechanic, and the Zelda team wanting to try new things, what if they redesigned the entire game so that the stamina mechanic became obsolete? Would you be in favor of this? It raises a lot of questions for sure. How could BotW2 work without stamina? How would climbing work, for example? Do you prefer Zelda games with or without stamina, and do you want them to get rid of stamina in BotW2?


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If SS hadn't bungled the concept originally I'd be a lot less antagonistic towards the mechanic as a whole.

It was definitely implemented better in BotW but I still don't like it much.

I don't know how BotW2 would work without stamina if it's largely gonna be the same game as BotW, I just hope they implement it better since it could be vastly improved.

I'd say keep it but do it better.

Aonuma rarely gets things right on the first go so dropping stamina and replacing it with something else may end up being way worse.

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Jan 17, 2011
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I really like the stamina mechanic, so I'd be really upset if they removed it. I really don't know what they would do for things without it unless the game itself just plays vastly different from its predecessor in the first place. I think that would have to be the case for them to drop it. But I want them to keep it. Managing a meter that replenishes quickly on its own is so much better than managing a meter that doesn't replenish on its own at all. (lookin at you, OoT)
Mar 18, 2019
Dear God please get rid of stamina, or at least get rid of it in its current state. Stamina in BotW was just one of the many fancy ways the game disguised its “item gating.” All it did was restrict you until you either completed enough shrines or cheesed your way through it with food. Now I’m all for item gating, it’s been in every Zelda game up until this point, and it’s probably going to be in every Zelda game in the future. What I’m not for is disguising it behind an awful tedious climbing system and pretending you can do anything at any time. You can’t.

If stamina were to return, it needs to either be exactly like SS where the entire game is built around specific instances of using it, or limited purely to combat and item/ ability usage. Also if the game is going to be as big as BotW was links base running speed needs to be way faster so you’re not relying on eating up stamina to get everywhere.

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Mar 23, 2013
I think returning in its current state from BotW is just fine. Stamina management in that game worked fine as a way of making the certain areas require more commitment and planning to attack. The last thing it should do is go back to how it was handled in SS, where it was handed incredibly poorly.
Feb 7, 2014
It should be used for running faster for a short time; take it out of combat completely and bring back the hookshot.
Apr 3, 2017
You have to have a way of improving the character's abilities over time, and rewarding players for putting in the extra effort. Hearts and Stamina are a good way of doing that. This game it wasn't even that annoying and you could over-charge with the food in some instances.

Just acquiring items can't be it. There has to be a way of just growing the character over the course of the game. As for the running etc. their work around was riding animals. Wouldn't mind using the temple of time to go back and find a loftwing though.
Feb 29, 2020
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Stamina was absolutely essential in BotW, and it made navigating certain areas challenging. I can't see a way in which removing it as a gameplay mechanic would be a good thing.
Perhaps if you 100% all of the optional quests your reward is infinite stamina? Since you'd have done everything in the game anyway, it wouldn't need to challenge you anymore.
Also, maybe removing stamina consumption from sprinting? Sprint has a very small impact on the game's challenge and exploration.

So I'm all about the stamina meter. But if you want to have a conversation about doing away with weapon degradation in BotW2, I'm all in on that.

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