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Shortest Zelda?


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Jun 17, 2009
I thought the game was decently lengthed. The going back to the same places wasn't repetitive, because they always added in new elements and such that made the places cool again.
Apr 30, 2012
Bristol, England
I think that games can seem shorter than they are depending on 1) how much you enjoy them, with more enjoyable games seeming much shorter 2) how easy/difficult you find them, obviously with more difficult games taking you more time and 3) how much you tend to play in one sitting


I wouldn't consider this game short at all, since 100%-ing it took about 40 hours for me. I'd say it was one of the longest Zelda games.
Apr 27, 2012
i felt that skyward sword was short ONLY BECAUSE there was little exploration to do, so i didn't lag trying to complete the game.
May 11, 2012
Colorado Springs
I defintiley don't think it's the shortest Zelda. Especially if you count in Hero's Mode. I think Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda (the original), etc. are far shorter. But either way quality over quantity.
Dec 23, 2011
You got it all wrong Skyward Sword is the 2nd longest Zelda game ever made and its difficulty is mediumish. Also am I the only Zelda gamer who took 63 hours to beat Skyward Sword ( Nearly 100% it I only needed 4 heart pieces and 2 side quest.)
Dec 19, 2011
SS shortest? By no means... I can win PH in less than 10-12 hours with a few side missions to boot!
For a Zelda game, SS is not terrible short, I know for my first run it took about 50 hours, and in master mode with all the side missions in about the same time... If I were to go throw right now without any side missions I could likely do in less than 25 hours... But even then it is still not the shortest...
It also depends on the experience of the player playing. It is similar to any game, after playing throw the first time, the time it takes to finishes decreases. And the more games that ones plays of the same genre also effects it as well...
Jun 14, 2011
God no! Skyward Sword was definately not the shortest Zelda Game at all. And I kinda find it hard to believe you finished it in 35 hours first time. You must of played it non stop in order to complete it that fast.

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