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Shortest Zelda?

Jul 24, 2011
Shortest? No. It is one of the longest ones.
Easiest to 100%? Definitely. I 100% it before the final fight; I had never done that in any Zelda game; and I barely used guides.
May 2, 2012
Skyward Sword? I found it quite challenging actually, a whole new experience that I wasn't used to. For me the shortest would probably be Majoras Mask. It had a straight as an arrow pace and completing the side quests was not challenging at all, but fun enough to make you want to finish them.


Jun 22, 2011
Skyward Sword is definitely not the shortest. I thought it was on the long side. The shortest has to be Minish Cap. It's simple, you rarely get stuck, and theres only a total of 6 dungeons
I don't disagree with you, but oddly enough I got stuck in Minish Cap more than any other Zelda game practically (excluding Link's Awakening when I was really young). I had finished at least 9 Zelda games before MC and actually had to look up what to do on the walkthrough on the site at least 5 times. This isn't the first time either that I've had the exact opposite experience as the general consensus of Zelda fans, it's weird.
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
Skyward Sword certainly isn't the shortest, in my experience. I actually thought it was one of the longer ones. Of the games I've played, Phantom Hourglass would have been the shortest, and it was definitely way short in comparison to Skyward Sword. So, no, I really don't think Skyward Sword was the shortest. If anything I thought it was an experience that was rather large in scope. :>


Dec 16, 2009
United States
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Skyward Sword took me about 70 hours. But by then, I'd already beaten the final boss and was just fooling around in Skyloft. When I started Hero Mode though, it took me maybe 40 hours or so (still haven't 100%'d it). I'd say Phantom Hourglass is the shortest though because I got to the Ghost Ship in less than one night (I think it was around 5 hours or something). The next shortest would be Spirit Tracks. So Skyward Sword isn't the shortest to me, but one of the longest. Twilight Princess is probably the longest I've played. I'm around 60 hours and I still haven't 100%'d it.
Dec 29, 2011
Shortest? No. How is SS shorter than OoT and WW? Both SS and TP are the longest Zelda games considering the amount of content in them. It took me around 68 hours to beat SS and finish the Gratitude Crystals sidequest (I haven't 100% yet). TP took me around 48 hours. OoT and WW were nowhere near that long. Also, linearity and difficulty are too separate things. OoT is non-linear and I found it EASIER than Twilight Princess except for bosses.


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May 26, 2010
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SS is no way the shortest Zelda in my opinion. Four Swords if that counts as a full Zelda (which it doesn't), but Four Swords Adventures is easily the shortest Zelda. 6 hours, beat it the day I bought it.

SS will take at least 13 hours...more than double that of FSA.
Apr 6, 2012
hmm I think the original zelda would be the shortest if you dont count the 2nd quest.
Links awakening to my recolection would be next shortest or the shortest if you do count 2nd quest. Then again adventure of link is probably short too hmmm. I guess the best way to find out is look at speed run records (not allowing any type of glitch)

well looking at speeddemosarchive.com I would say the winner for shortest game is
The original legend of zelda (1st quest only)
followed by Adventure of Link
followed by Links Awakening
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