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Shiny Pokemon

Dec 19, 2011
Only once have i found a shiny, it was a PIDGEY!. not that i have anything bad about them it's just they aren't the best flying type, ye know?
Apr 12, 2012
I have a few shinys that I managed to trade over the GTS. I love my Frostlass and Spiritomb. Thyue both kick some serious butt ^.^


Here and There
Feb 9, 2012
I have tons from Chaining (Miltank(x2) Ponyta(x6) Geodude, Machop, Shinx(x3), Luxray and others. Then I have the ones I encountered randomly, Gyarados(just 2 months before HG/SS came out in japan... so basically not a rare thing anymore, I found it in Platinum just above the resort Area when I was EV training against Gyarados) Meowth (Now a persian, found in my fire red game a few years ago, i think it was my first shiny) and a shiny diglett in my new playthrough of FireRed. Plus I'm currently SR'ing for a Shiny Rayquaza (probably not gonna happen anytime soon, but im hoping.


I think I have 5 shinies, only one of which i caught witch is a male Nidoran. The others (traded for) are Feebas, Drifloon, Charmander, and Treeko. Also the 3 shiny dogs from that one event a few months ago.

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