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Shiny Pokemon

Feb 5, 2012
I really don't care about a Pokémon's looks, I just . . . play. So I'm just chaining for like, a Roselia or something, and then the chain gets broken, THEN "repeats" with a resetted number, and this has happened so often I wanna die. I could've reached 40 about . . . 10 times a day, but nooooo. Never caught a single shiny except for event Suicune and the red Gyrados from Heartgold/SoulSilver.

Xenos Frost

i have a shiny metagross, a shiny charizard,and a shiny ditto


Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
The only shiny that I got that wasn't given to you or cheated on was a shiny Togetic. I ended up using the Mesuda Method on Black and White since it's so much easier on those games, because the chance of getting one was risen. I did have a shiny Manectric, but I technically cheated on that one to make the shining process go easier. Lets just say my chain never broke ;P


Jan 24, 2011
probs russia
that feel when i found a shiny tentacool,
but this happened when i was still a pokemon noob, and i thought my game was glitching out, so the first-and only shiny i ever saw i defeated saying to my self "HA-HA, glitches, your not getting my pokymans!"
and months later, i find out it was a super rare pokemon and feel like dying a bit.
the only rare thing i got after that was on ponyta with POKERUS...
which is still pretty awesome.


I got a shiny ditto, it was so cool on the 3rd gen, as it transformed into shiny pokemon instead of normal pokemon, but they ruined that in the 4th gen...
Dec 23, 2011
I once had 2 true shinies in one pokemon crystal file before the second half of the game. One from the free egg it was a shiny Jynx that I used. The other was a shiny Graveler that I found and caught in victory road trying to train up my persian to level 50.

Oh and on my pokemon emerald that someone stole, I had a shiny oddish and a shiny wurmple/buetifly. This is funny because back then I knew nothing of shinies and caught it thinking it would turn into a dustox. I caught the oddish thinking it would turn into a bellosum instead of vileplume.
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The only shiny pokemon I've ever raised was my Reuniclus. I've caught other shiny ones before but Reuniclus is special cuz he's my fav 5th gen pokemon.


Shows over folks!
Oct 27, 2011
I haven't found a shiny in ages, I don't like chaining cause it's always so annoying when your chains just all of a sudden break ( which I know why now ), so I stick the Medusa method, which got me a shiny bulbasaur and a shiny treecko

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