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Shiny Pokemon


May 23, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
I've encountered only a few shinies in the wild, but I have a lot of shinies.

Besides the Red Gyarados, other ahinies I've encountered are flaffy, geodude, dewgong and rhyhorn in firered and emerald respectively.

The rest were acquired via GTS, SRing and the reliable Masuda Method.
I've received some hackd shinies, but I traded them away, because they were not my thing, I'm more of an IV, EV and Natured picky breeder.

And my recent Shiny is a Violet, magenta-eye colored Kyurem. Got that baby via Soft Resetting(SRing) for 4 days.

Now adays I breed shinies, an I'm getting more of them daily.

Though I know most people already know, I'll inform you anyway about Masuda Method, so you can get Shinies.

I suggest you get a Japanese Ditto, if your game is English Based, because the chance of getting a shiny is increased 6 fold. Because of Masuda's programming, any pokemon that can breed with a pokemon from a foreign game, will have a chance to be shiny.

An example is breeding a Japanese Ditto with an English Emboar. There is a chance youi'll receive a bluish tepig.


Feb 25, 2010
Well, today I caght a shiny azelf. It only took me10 years, even If I sort of got it by cheating. Step 1. Save. Step 2. Battle with legandary. Step 3. If shiny, catch, if not, quit and start over again.


The game is on!
I have three shiny Pokémon at the moment. All of them were caught by me in the wild. My first one was the shiny Gyrados (which anyone can get easily), the second one was a shiny Geodude (which now is a shiny Golem) and my third and latest encounter was a shiny Staravia (which now is a shiny Staraptor)! Gy current goal is to eventually have a full team with six shiny Pokémon!


Zora Warrior
Nov 3, 2009
Termina Bay
I've actually caught 2, both were in Soul Silver. I caught the Shiny Red Gyrados in the lake of Rage a Shiny Male Stantler.
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Hylian Pants

Nintendo Wench
Apr 11, 2010
America's armpit
JEEZ, look at all these shinys people have! I'm jealous :L

Disregarding the Red Gyarados, I almost caught a random shiny in my Gold game. Right under Ecruteak City, I ran into a shiny vulpix, a pokemon I actually would have rasied had I caught it, but nooooo, it fled on the first or second turn. Very disappointing indeed.

Caleb, Of Asui

I was playing through FireRed once, quite a while ago, and while walking around in Victory Road grinding my Pokemon's levels, I came across a shiny Zubat and caught it. I had no real desire to train any Pokemon outside of my party (just seems very boring to me), so I gave it to my brother in one of his DS games, where he may or may not have EV trained it. I think I remember eventually seeing the ugly, ugly shiny Crobat, though, though I'm not sure. Maybe it just ended up being a Golbat. :/ These Pokemon will be crazy sometimes.


Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 27, 2011
I've been playing since Red and blue and I don't have a single one.
Shinys didn't exist in GEN1.

That being said, besides the Red Gyrados, the only shiny's I've ever seen in the wild were 1 shiny from gen 3 and one from gen 5. I've gotten a lot through events or whatever, but seriously people are stupid obsessed with shinys. I could trade a shiny Patrat for a Victini! Needless to say, I'm one of the people who doesn't care; I get a shiny and trade up because of the brain damage they cause other trainers.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
I just remembered a shiny I forgot to mention in my first post, and I cannot believe I forgot this one because it's a rather amusing story.

I was breeding for Togepis in Pearl because I wanted a competitive Togekiss, specifically, I was looking for a modest female, and believe me, those are hard to come by. It got to the point that I had so many baby Togepis being hatched I started releasing any males with horrible natures. So there's this egg that hatches into a male Togepi. Check the nature, relaxed, don't want it, about to release it, and right before I click "release" I notice the star on its profile image. I nearly dropped dead on the spot, not just because I almost released a shiny, but also because I got a shiny before the modest female (and yes, I did eventually get that modest female, after like 3 boxes worth of eggs).

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