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Zelda Art Sheikah Drawing Contest(I Guess)


Suzune Supporter
Apr 17, 2011
Hi everyone here on ZeldaDungeon.net, not sure if this is like legal on here or not but here goes. My favorite Zelda race is the Sheikah, pretty much my life is about the sheikah, i'm drawing sheik all the time and thought, "i know that I love sheik, but i wonder if anyone else does?" so this is what i thought of, for anyone who wants to try this, go ahead, doesn't even have to be sheik, it can be a fan character or something, add what you like, and please atleast try this, even if your not very good at drawing, this is something i enjoy doing (drawing that is) and I hope you guys do too, so as soon as you read this, and you want to try a go at it, go ahead!!:) And please make sure to use the brawl designs, (looks better that way) you can try looking online for them.
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I think I will try! It would be cool to design my own sheik and I've been urking to do something different and this is just what I was looking for!.

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