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General Art Shards of Glass


Seek a door that carries a [9]
Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
I am dedicating this short story to Raindrop14. She is leaving ZD soon, and I want her to know, she's a good friend. I will miss her, pray for her, and most of all keep her in my thoughts. You are amazing Rainy, you will be very missed by all your friends her on ZD. I hope your future is wonderful and that you make that novel you dream about c:

Shards of Glass

"Lance... Lance..." An unknown figure called out the the black haired, blue eyed, boy named Lance.

Lance opened his eyes from his sleep, he heard the voice but didn't know what it was, but he ignored it. Lance noticed he need to use the restroom so he crawled out of his very tall bed and tiredly walked down the hall to the bathroom.

Lance opened the door to see his normal bathroom he had walked into every morning since he could remember. The blue and purple ocean themed shower curtains hung up, just like always in its normal spot in the back of the bathroom. The blue, brown and white towels that had been used the day before hug semi-neatly on their rack, on the right side of the bathroom.

But the one thing that stood out more than anything else was the giant mirror on the left. It stretched from where you entered the door, to a few feet from where the toilet was. Lance was about too pass the mirror when he felt something was missing, and it didn't have to do with the restroom itself. He turned and faced the mirror. Something was very different.

His face. There was no scar.

Lance started breathing hard in and out. It was really gone?

Lance didn't skip a beat he looked at his right arm, which was as usual covered in white doctors wraps. He ripped the wraps off and there it... wasn't. His scar on his right arm that spread from his wrist to his shoulder was gone. Completely gone. Lance was in shock but yet, he was so happy. He didn't care anymore about what he needed to do in the restroom he ran out to tell his mother and sister.

He found them in the kitchen, he spotted his mom at the very front of their tan, oval table. He spotted his sister in the middle of the table, sitting on their bench, which was the same color as the kitchen table.

He cried out, "Mom, sis! Guess what my scar its-"

"What is it, boy?"

Lance knew this voice, it was a voice he hadn't heard in years...

He turned and faced where the sound of the voice came from, at the end of the table. He saw a man Lance hadn't seen in 10 years.

It was his father.

"D-... Dad?" He didn't even feel his feet move as he ran over to his father in pure joy. Once Lance reached his father they embraced. Lance could feel warm, but tears of happiness, roll down his cheeks.

His father joyfully hugged his son and he laughed, "What's the matter son, you act like you haven't seen me in years!"

Lance came to cool realization after that statement, 'haven't seen me in years'

It... was a dream...

Lance's head flew off his pillow.

"No... NO!" Lance yelled.

He shook his head and stumbled off his bed and ran as fast as he could to the restroom. Once inside, he looked into the mirror. The scar, it was there. Lance then proceeded to rip off his arm wraps once again, there is was... the ugly arm scar.

A feeling of pure rage welled up into Lance's heart, what did he do to deserve the perfect dream then have it all taken away?

This rage continued as he left the bathroom and walked down the hall to enter his pitch-black garage. He grabbed an object, it was heavy, but he carried it back to the restroom with him.

As he entered the bathroom again, he remember that no one was home, his mother was out on a date with her new husband, his little sister Grace was at some school program and his step sister was at the mall, like normal. He was completely alone.

He glared at the mirror and yelled, "STOP REMINDING ME HE'S GONE!"

He raised the object which he had collected from the garage, it was a sledge hammer.


The mirror broke into thousands of pieces and landed all over the bathroom counter and floor.

Lance dropped to his knees, not caring that glass was cutting into his skin and hands. "I'm... sorry... father."

He covered his face with his hands, he couldn't take but what had just been done. "Father." He spoke as real tears streamed down his face, it mixed with his blood as it touched his scarred covered hands.

This was the first time he had cried since that cold day, 10 years ago.


Also, everyone else who is reading this. Lance is my main character. This is part of the cannon series I have. I am planning to write it after or during my other story: "Fire Emblem: The Destiny". This, right here, is part of a mini series I came up with yesterday. It's going to be my dream series, it going to show the dreams of my characters and their reactions to them in short stories. These will be filler if I ever get writers block. But this short story is, as stated above, a dedication to Raindrop14. So this one will most likely mean more than the others.
Some of the dreams will be funny, some will be more heart filled like this one. All of the rest of my dream series will be put here. Shards of Glass is fitting for everything.
That is all for now, ciao.


Seek a door that carries a [9]
Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
@Ali Baba: psh, whatever xD

You're welcome. You are very inspiring. c:
don't cry :c be happy c:

anyways, I should get off now.. when a Mod comes to your profile and posts a photo saying 'its time to stop posting now' you KNOW your screwed... later xD

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