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Secondary cast


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Mar 30, 2020
(I'm not bothering to do much searching to see if this already exists. Also I've never started a speculation thread before.)

Whether or not BotW2 is similar to its predecessor, I personally either expect a largely similar cast to what was in BotW, or a total overhaul. But out of the cast of majorish characters, there's one person I'd love to see return. Kass. However, we don't know how he'll affect the game if he does show up, since we know virtually nothing about it. Should he reprise his role of hints to shrines? Will he stay home with his family? Or will he not return at all?

I liked his function in BotW, because it made it easy to find shrines when you're out adventuring. (Just listen for him.) I mean, yeah, he's normally kind of out of the way, (No problem for me though. I totally ignored the roads unless I was looking for a town or something) but I liked his function and everything about him in general.

But what do you think about him and the other minor-major characters returning? (Hestu, to name one.)

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I really want the present day Champions to be heavily involved. BotW was an intentionally lonely experience, but BotW 2 is taking place in a Hyrule that's starting to recover. It would be strange for it to be just as lonely as its predecessor. I wanna see the cast come together.


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Jun 16, 2020
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It'd be surprising if characters didn't return given BotW2's being a direct sequel. I hope to get more characterization for the characters who were in the previous game since they barely got any.
Feb 7, 2014
I also vote for returning characters. Not because any of them are particularly interesting, but since they're already present and available, there's no need to recycle old characters for the Nth time.
Jan 11, 2021
I agree with everything above. Kass, the new champions, Zelda and Impa.

But if those two farmers in Kakariko village who are fighting about carrots and pumpkins don't have an entire section of the game devoted to them, I'm gonna riot. They deserve more screentime at the VERY least, if not a Stardew Valley-style farming simulator.

Also Bolson, Hudson and Karson should come back, they cute.
Feb 25, 2021
I’d love to see more of them, especially cutscenes with them too, along with voice acting.

Unless they retired to Termina, we’re certainly going to see them in any case.


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Feb 19, 2020
If there's no Tarrey Town with the married couple having a family and kids I will be very disappointed
Sep 5, 2020
I'm sure Kass will return, and Sidon because of his popularity in Japan. I know I'm being a bit desperate but I hope we get even more flashbacks of the four Champions, or maybe their spirit appearances lol. I'm okay if we don't but PLEASE, just ANY tiny little thing regarding them. I'm sure we will since it strongly pertains to the story, we need explanations about the Divine Beasts.

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