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Spoiler Screvo and Deathfuse: Their Relation?

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Feb 8, 2011
I'm not so sure if Deathfuse really is suppose to be a pirate, I mean, look at him, he looks more like some royal robot.

Of course I think Scervo and Deathfuse have some kind of relation, they are most likely the same kind of robot. Perhaps Deathfuse was the king of some part of the surface a long time ago, and Scervo was a pirate who lived the that same country.
It's very possible that Deathfuse was king of the Ancient Robots, or is the Pirate King. The fact that he has a hook for a left hand suggests that he either lost a limb in a struggle/war of sorts, or had to challenge another robot in order to gain that title. That's hard to determine since there are only two robots that look fully humanoid in Skyward Sword. But if my speculations are correct in Hyrule-terms, then Scervo is, or rather was under the command of Deathfuse to begin with.

As for Scervo in SS's current time, I surmise that Ghirahim took control of him and used the Bokoblin buccaneers to crew the Sandship, with him as their captain. If this is the actual case, then Ghirahim had planned and prepared for all sorts of events. Really, all he needed was Zelda in order to complete Demise's resurrection, and Scervo was another means to slow Link down.

Secondly, though, Scervo could have given his allegiance to Demise and Ghirahim, probably for a price. He is a pirate, after all, and I don't think we should solely base that upon his appearance. I can see Ghirahim striking up a deal, which Scervo agreed to. The "trade" could've been the Sandship for all we know.

At any rate, after comparing the two pictures, my best guess arrives at Scervo originally being a subordinate of Deathfuse's. They were probably rogue automatons that kept causing trouble to their cousins, the Ancient Robots, so they were almost wiped out. Scervo and Deathfuse escaped and perhaps are the only two survivors (up until Link encounters them). But, notice the hooks that are on both of their left arms. Makes me wonder if this was a design of all these humanoid machines, or they both happened to lose their hands. Maybe they were even contenders, and Deathfuse ended up being the victor and subsequently became the ruler.

Regardless, we do know that Scervo took command of the Sandship and became it's commander.

And Deathfuse somehow wound up in Sky Keep. Hylia most likely placed him there to test the Hero, as well as protect the Triforce piece that he guarded. Again I'm puzzled by the lack of knowledge about him. Was he loyal to the Goddess of Time, or was he sealed within the Keep against his will?

We can only use our imagination to piece their relation together, until Nintendo releases an official statement, if ever... Because I'm not sure anyone can know the lowdown at this point.


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Nov 10, 2011
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Yes I believe that dreadfuse was built by Hylia to challenge the hero, but Scervo was crated by demise ripping off th idea of dreadfuse
Dec 18, 2010
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Only thing is about Dreadfuse being a guardian to the Sky Keep placed there by Hylia is that most of the enemies in the Sky Keep are part of Demise's "demonic horde" referred to many times in the game. The Sky Keep has other enemies besides Dreaduse, so it wouldn't make sense that he's seemingly helping the horde, being a Hylian creation.
On the other hand, though, how did any of the horde make it into the Sky Keep? They couldn't have been on the outcropping of earth that became Skyloft when it was seperated from the surface, so they must have been placed there, and this would also suggest that both Dreadfuse and Scervo are sided with Demise as well.

...Which brings us to yet another inconsistency. Both Dreadfuse and Scervo have IDs that begin with "LD", just like the Lanayru Robots (seriously, do they have an official name?), which would seem that the creator of the robots invented Dreadfuse and Scervo as well. It's also probable that the "LD" stands for "Lanayru Desert", a likely location of their creation. With all this in mind, it's logical to assume that the dragon Lanayru (or Hylia) was their creator, seeing as he has control over electricity and that they address him as "master". Why, then, would Lanayru invent two malicious creations?

None of it adds up. Scervo couldn't be a servant of Demise while Dreadfuse is a servant of Hylia, because then there would be an inconsistency with the enemies of the Sky Keep.
What I think is most likely, then, is that Scervo and Dreadfuse were two special early models and, one way or another, came to side with Demise (likely by striking a deal or being possessed by Demise.) So, then, with the failure of these early models, Lanayru/Hylia perfected their design and seems to have countered whatever means Demise used to get Scervo and Dreadfuse to cooperate with him, probably by removal of free will or making them unable to be controlled by Demise. Perhaps it was decided that they would be mining robots, not warriors, giving Demise no incentive to take them over, being small, weak robots.

This would also mean, then, that the enemies of the Sky Keep are not trials for the hero, but servants placed by Demise to stop the hero. Who knows how they got in there, though. We're not sure of the limits of Demise's power. Based on what we saw, placing demons in the Sky Keep to impede the Hero's progress doesn't seem outside of his capabilities.

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