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School's Out: Recess Mafia Game Thread

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Jul 1, 2012

The light summer breeze sweeping past the swingset, the scorching hot sun heating the rubber tires of a certain secret clubhouse, the smell of fresh popcilses in the cafeteria. Summer was finally here.

The 4th graders were anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. The ringing signified freedom. 8 weeks full of late nights, sleepovers, camping and getting up at 2am. "Dinnnng". Finally 3'o'clock was here and every student dropped their pensa nd rushed out the class to the faint shouts of Miss Grotkey. "Don't forget to finish your summer finance projects".

T.J and the gang were getting ready to go home, when T.J spotted a few shady figures pass behind the Jungle Gym. "That's odd" he muttered to himself. Sneaking round the back, he saw the outline of a tall boy, possibly a 6th grader, wearing some sort of headgear. After eavesdropping for a couple of minutes, T.J hears the words "recess", "cancel", "playground" and "destroy". He knew something was up, so he rounded up Vince, Gus, Mikey and Spinelli. "Right, something is going down tonight at the Jungle Gym and we need to be there" he told them. "I'm going to crush their puny legs" Spinelli yelled. T.J then asked the gang to recruit others, explaining that they'll get Gretchin later, before sunset. "We all set then?" T.J asked. The gang all replied with a firm yes. "Tender" he added.

The gang set out, assembling a crack team of individuals - each with their own unique role and propose. They all met outside the school gates after hours (something unheard of on 6th Street). "Ok let's split up and look for clues" T.J ordered. Everyone dispersed and scoured the school grounds looking for anything suspicious. While, back at the front of the school, a black car slowly pulled up...

  • Blackkirby
  • Pendio
  • Sadia
  • Repentance
  • Littlegumball
  • Musicfan
  • [email protected] (Thareous)
  • Fused_shadows
  • A Link In Time
  • Mido
  • Mellow Ezlo
  • Viral Maze
  • Dekunut
  • Heroine of Time
  • Lugia
  • Fig
  • Lady of the Leaves
  • Scarfed


  • Basic Mafia Rules Apply.
  • Bold your (un)voting, for example: Vote: Justac00lguy.
  • No editing existing posts.
  • No communicating outside of the game unless you've been assigned to do so via a QT chat.
  • Don't reveal any information after you've died.
  • No use of outside information presented as evidence unless comparing stuff like past playstyles etc.
  • No name claiming.
  • One role claim is permitted per day (except for the first day).
  • Counter claims are an exception to the rule above.
  • Soft claiming is allowed, just don't push it to the point where it's basically a role claim.
  • No using information from your role PM.
  • If the day ends in a tie, a no-lynch occurs.
  • Extensions are allowed.
  • Posts per day are flexible, if I feel there's not enough activity, I'll enforce a rule.
  • You can post during the night, but endless spamming is not permitted.
  • Each Day will last 5 days and Nights will last two days.
  • I will judge a rule break on a case-by-case basis depending on how bad or if it's repeated rule break. Some may result in a warning, while there is the chance of being modkilled.

Day One Begins!

With 18 alive, it takes 10 for a majority lynch. Day ends on Wednesday, October 29th at 2AM GMT+1 (9PM EST)

Good luck guys :bubsy:
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Feb 20, 2014
Cool! I have very little knowledge in the theme of this game. Just letting people know. ^^ Now let the RVS begin!

Vote: Scarfed

Well since you're giving me such a warm welcoming in my first game I will have to pay you back with a vote on my own.

Vote: Pendio


There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
Have you had your daily dose of adolescent Hogan's Heroes ripoffs yet?

Vote: A Link In Time


Brave Knight of Truth
Dec 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada
Cool! I have very little knowledge in the theme of this game. Just letting people know. ^^ Now let the RVS begin!

Vote: Scarfed

I vividly remember a time in Pokescum mafia when Mr. Pendio here was scum. During Day 1, he (what appeared to be) RVS'd one of his scumbuds, PokaLink, with a vote that made it look like he just picked a name from the list. This vote oddly reminds me of that.......

But that creates another problem! If Mr. Pendio here is trying to trick us by early voting for a scumbud, would said scumbud post 13 minutes later with a vote against him? That's not nearly enough time for their to converse in their QT. So maybe I am just crazy......


You can ignore those two if you want. Or read them. I don't really care. :)

Vote: Nelson Cruz (Thar/Crus)


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Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
So I'll assume that the theme is based off the movie? Would that make Prickley town?
And I'll say that Ashley's are masons and Randal is a miller or investigative role. Just guessing.
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