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Scary Video

Real of FAKE?!

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ಠ_ಠ mr. Observant
Sep 4, 2010
Tokyo, Japan
That was so fake, I laughed. The disembodied hands and eyes were nothing that a computer can't handle. They looked poorly done to me, actually. There's no doubt that this was a joke done for a cheap laugh to freak out some of the more gullible people.
Agreed also if it were real he wold have died right? i mean at the end! how wold he hafe gotten the chains to post it? also demons are not humanoid (at least i don't think they are) there angels that are fallen you cant say there humanoid they might be I don't know I haven't seen one... so ya there it is.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
I don't think this is real because of personal experience. Tom's second cousin is 16 years old and has been taking art classes for about 2 years now. He had a project over the summer and it was as simple picture that was digitally enhanced.

If a 16 year old can digitally enhance an image that is essentially the same, or at least similar, to what was enhanced in this video. It can easily be faked, but, since I do not have the knowledge to see if it was or not enhanced (though there are people who can easily tell), I simply think it is a fake, but cannot prove it is.. though the evidence shows it is easily replicated as a fake and the circumstances of the event itself seem unlikely and outrageous.

@lex MM

The Lurker
Apr 29, 2010
Behind you...
Right, when some strange hands appear in your house, you just sit there and record with your camera.

Seriously now, this is obviously fake. And how did that guy think this video would be scary? I kinda laughed when I saw it. Lol, Jadusable's videos are more scary than this...

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