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Scariest Zelda Game?


Professional Dork
Oct 22, 2010
Here's how this is gonna go down:

I give you a few choices, and you decide which one is th scariest game. You vote, and once you guys vote, let's say, 100 votes, I change the subject. The game with the most lovey-dovey stuff in it, the game that was the best, the worst game, the saddest game, the happiest game... well, you get the point. Put your voting # next to your vote. Here's the choices:

1.) Majora's Mask(the overall game)
2.) Ocarina of Time(skulltullas jumping down and scaring the heck out of you)
3.) Twilight Princess(it's T, so it's gotta have SOME scariness in it... also, I haven't played it, so...)
4.) Wind Waker(Ganon's nose)
5.) Phantom Hourglass(... look at Link... just look at him...)

Vote. Vote NOW.:)

1.)(yes, my vote counts)Majora's Mask

1.)(yes, my vote counts)Majora's Mask


Well first off I'll say Majora's Mask. The game itself is scary, and don't even mention the Elegy of Emptiness statue. The "BEN" story didn't help either. Secondly, I have a few suggestions, 1: Make this a poll instead of just having people reply with their answer, it makes everything easier. 2: I wouldn't shoot for 100 votes, not many poll's (and especialy not many topics) get 100 votes and/or replies, I owuld shoot for 20, maybe. Hope I helped.

Michael Heide

The 8th Wise Man
Oct 15, 2010
Cologne, Germany
I agree that Majora's Mask is the creepiest. From the Happy Mask Salesman's violent mood swings to the Elegy of Emptiness statue, from the transformation sequences when Link puts on a mask to the Spider Houses, from the alien invasion to the moon with its horrible face and its straight course towards the Earth...

Ocarina of Time (the bottom of the well, the ReDeads) and Twilight Princess (invisible rats, ghosts at the graveyard) come close, but in those games, the horror comes in small doses, sprinkled in every now and then. Majora's Mask, however, is terror from start to finish, with a few lighter scenes sprinkled in.
Nov 23, 2010
MM yes i am terrified of it and i still am (i think its goina win)

OOC well forest temple, shadow temple, and bottom of the well

WW would be third for me why? have you ever shot a redead in the head with an arrow before it notices you, no? go try


The Mask Salesman
Apr 18, 2010
Happy Mask Shop
Definitely is Majora's Mask. The whole idea of the world being destroyed is creepy enough, but they really did a great job of creeping me out. I mean, you get a couple back together, but it's bitter sweet, because you know they're about to get blown to pieces anyway... so sad.

OoT is only in Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well


Sage of Tales
Majora's frickin' Mask.

I'm glad I first played it as a jaded, morbid adult, I tell you. If I'd played it as a kid, I'd never have gotten rid of the nightmares. Link putting on a mask and howling in abject agony with his eyes bugging out! The end of the world as we know it looming, and not only looming, but leering down at you with angry yellow eyes... IMPERSONATING THE DEAD. Oh, and "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

All the color, cheerful music and playing a child protagonist only underscore the sheer horror that is the world of Termina.
Dec 18, 2010
Idaho, USA
I have not played many Zelda games as I'm new-ish to the series, but from the games I've played, Majora's Mask by far. The environment, plot, characters, music, everything. The more you think about it, the creepier it gets. Elegy of Emptiness, taking on the form of dead people, the environments, Stone Tower, just... everything about it. There's very little in it that's not at least a bit unnerving.

Ocarina of Time, mostly because of the Forest Temple, Bottom of the Well, and the Shadow Temple.


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Scariest, I think, ties in well with darkness. Both MM and TP were scary, I mean in Arbiter's Grounds, you fight tortured prisoners. Creepy enough, huh? It also had a whole Realm dedicated to creepiness, so I'd go for TP.


Viceroy of Area 11
Dec 24, 2010
Majora's Mask, just scary plot and I don't DO WELL UNDER PRESSURE!
OoT: Shadow Temple. Oh goodness. Forest Temple music.
WW: ReDeads! I'm scared of these in all the games; once I was playing with my friend and she left the basement to get a glass of water and a ReDead came out of a coffin. I freaked. I hid under the couch.


Hyrule's Princess
Dec 25, 2010
MM, That games still freaks me out. But also in OoT when those creepy woman type things with weird hands will try to kill.

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