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General Zelda Satisfying Endings


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Jun 15, 2010
I coulda swore I did a minimalist run without anything being affected. ._.

Well, I can swear I didn't see squat in my three minimalists playthroughs...

And now, an actual topic contribution. My answer is Twilight Princess. Its ending gets me every time. A beyond satisfying ending for a satisfying game.


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May 26, 2010
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Ocarina of Time because it was bittersweet to me. It was obvious that Nintendo was trying to push pity onto the player with Zelda's looks of sadness, but this time she actually had legitimate reason to be sad: Link really went through hardships and learned terrible things despite still being a child (his mind did not advance as fast as his body did, or so I ASSUME as he did everything the Sages said without question). Gotta love that stuff. :yes:
Mar 15, 2013
I thought the end game of Skyward Sword was the most satisfying for me. I especially liked running down the sealed grounds to save Zelda and then having 2 final bosses, I loved it.


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Feb 28, 2010
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I feel like this thread should have a spoiler warning…
This post definitely has spoilers though.

The ending in Ocarina of Time was flat out confusing. What happened after they went back in time? Wouldn't that bring Ganondorf back? It was a good ending, it just caused a lot of confusion.
Majora's Mask was a happy ending, but it also didn't make much sense. If you played the Song of Time and then stopped the moon, all of the things that you did to help people would've never happened, and some people would remain unhappy.
In Wind Waker, if Ganondorf turned to stone with the Master Sword stuck in his head, that probably means that no one will ever see the Master Sword again in the world of Wind Waker. That's a bit unsatisfying for me, but it was probably my favorite ending in the series just because of the emotion. And besides, it was a good ending for them because there wouldn't be anymore Ganondorf or any maniacs trying to go after the Triforce since they don't have access to it anymore.
Phantom Hourglass was probably the most UNsatisfying ending in Zelda. It was all a dream? No? What the heck.
Twilight Princess. Augh. Midna turns into that and completely loses her awesomeness, and on top of that, she shatters the Mirror of Twilight so Link will never see her again. Then Link seems to walk off with Zelda, completely forgetting about her. (I am obviously not a TP ZeLink person ¬_¬)
Minish Cap was okay

This is a little bit stupid, but I don't actually remember the ending in Skyward Sword very well. I remember Fi being forever sealed away in the Master Sword, but that's pretty much it. I haven't actually beaten the game but I remember both my brother and my sister fighting Demise.

So, Wind Waker was my favorite ending.


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Jan 21, 2013
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Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

Skyward Sword's ending is beyond satisfying for me. I just feel so fulfilled and, well, satisfied, like a true hero completing an epic quest.

But Twilight Princess goes even beyond that. The epic battle against and death of Ganondorf combined with all the feels at the very end of the game with possessed Zelda and everything with Midna. Midna just makes the end of TP for me. Her defeat by Ganondorf and her return to true form and then when she shatters of the mirror...everything about the end of TP left me feeling very epic and satisfied indeed.

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